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Shines the light on the Foundation and helps America remember Original Intent of the Founders.

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Hear perspectives from these two amazingi historians whose love for God and country ignites their passion for sharing truths most Americans don't know and don't hear.

Dr. Lou Campomenosi with Common Sense Campaign, Pastor Tom Anderson, and Tea Party Favorite Kaylon Jones join co-hosts Diana and Barbara for a great discussion on what faith can do. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and... more

Patriot John Bernard's vast knowledge with the breadth and depth of his experience combine to make him one of the foremost experts today on the failed "Coin" stategy in the War on Terrorism.

Hear perspectives about small town America and other things that make Americ one of the greatest nations on earth.

Hear an interview with Alabama State Board member Betty Peters and researcher/activist Janna Legg speak about the latest in our childrens' education. Pres. Abe Lincoln said the philosophy of the classroom in one genration will be... more

Hear an interview with Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt as we talk with him about the latest news including petitions to abolish the IRS and Income Tax and implementing Fair Tax. We will also talk abou the unholy month of Ramadan... more

Hear food for thought about the only group--not Democrats nor Republicans that has the best interest of this nation at heart yet some are calling as the terrorists. Let's air out the facts as today's stock market are bearing out their... more

Hear an interview with Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear of New Hampshire. His knowledge of the true history of this nation and the Constitution is vastly important on finding the right course for America.

Hear perspectives from Mr. Dan Fraley our teacher of Hebraic Roots and Mrs. Barbara Moore on what is coming and the importance of prayer.

Hear Dawn Wildman share her Tea Party perspectives on the Budget crisis among other things. The whole ordeal, sad to say, was a manipulation again of the Obama administration and their motto as voiced by Rahm Emanuel in Nov... more
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