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Shines the light on the Foundation and helps America remember Original Intent of the Founders.

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Go to and STAND with Tx SBOE Ken Mercer calling on the College Board to STOP the implementation of the new AP U.S. History Framework and Exam that will be coming into schools across our nation this Sept. Listen to Alice Linahan as she fights for America's children. If our history is changed then what will that do to future generation. How would you feel if the foundation that many died for you to be free were removed? Upset hopefully, but if you are a child and you never knew and you were raised not valuing those sacrifices--then you probably wouldn't care if somebody stole your country or your history? Would many children then grow up not as children in the land of opportunity but as children of missed opportunities and exceptionalism.. Sounds too preposterous but then in light of everything else going on around you today--not so impossible. Listen and learn and make a difference in defending your country and your children--while they are still yours...
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Hear interview with John Griffing who broke the story about the fact that Texas had Common Core--they just had it hidden under CSCOPE. Why are the planners and promoters of Common Core doing this to Texas? Well, unfortunately it is... more

Hear food for thought about why could it be that list of Governor leading their state against Common Core is growing! Could it be that they have seen the handwriting on the wall. Alabama's Tommy Bice along with other proponents... more

Hear interview with Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt who lost his job as a Navy Chaplain for praying in Jesus' name outside of a so-called designated place and time. As we hear the news in Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, South America and... more

Guess what the beautiful packaging of the Common Core hopes you won't catch--it is toxic to America's future. One studious parent who formed a national group and knows the ins and out of Common Core likens it to Virtual Lobotomy.... more

Hear perspectives on how to keep America the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave". It starts with TRUTH. Jefferson quoted in his Bill for Religious Freedom '...and finally, that truth is great and will prevail if left to herself; that she... more

Hear perspectives with Mrs. Barbara Moore on what is going on in the fight against Common Core. Things will be heating up soon as this untested, abusive indoctrination process being shoved to children in schools are not sitting well... more

Hear interview with student of Hebraic Roots, Dan Fraley, about what is going on in Israel. What about the red heifer and the preparations for the Temple. What about the rockets hitting Israel and Netanyahu's stand. Why does so many in... more

Hear perspectives from John Bernard on the latest with our military and what is going on at home and in the Middle East. Get informed for such a time as this. Let's take a look at Obama policies and how it is jeopardizing the entire world.

Hear perspective from very respected teacher Barbara Moore. When she teaches, the results are spectacular and honors the teaching profession. That's what happens when you teach true history and Original Intent of the Constitution is... more
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