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Shines the light on the Foundation and helps America remember Original Intent of the Founders.

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Hear interview with Mr. Dan Fraley, teacher of Hebraic Roots on the Passover and the Blood Moon. Just as a loving earthly father warns his children, our Heavenly Father sends us warning. Are you too busy to heed them? Listen and... more

Hear perspectives on the foundation of the nation. It has blessed generations. Now comes a mindset that seek to call wrongs right and right wrongs.. what is one to do? Well, we start off by knowing the truth about the legacy of the... more

Join us on Friday, April 11th, 2014 City on A Hill Radio with Friday Host, Dawn Wildman. She will be joined by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of Bond Action and Mary Black of Freedom Project Education. We will have a lively discussion on... more

Hear interview with mental health expert, Joan Landes, regarding what Common Core Approach will do to the mind of your child. Obamacare's twin destroyer Obamacore --(both Obama administration initiative) must be understood in all its... more

Hear interview with Texas activist, Alice Linahan, about what she's finding are in the ipads that is a tool in education or should we say indoctrination? Also hear important information about Opting-out and the PPRA. Most parents do not... more

Join Friday Host, Dawn Wildman and her guest, Jeff Lewis, National Director of The Patriot Coaltion on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 1:30 pm (CT) For more than two centuries patriotic Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our... more

Hear the goings on with the IREFUSE Rally in New York. They are leading us in the Opt-Out/ I Refuse Movement. Find out great information on what to do and how to end Common Core. Mark Ferreris is one of our nation's foremost... more

Hear interview with Zev Porat and Christina Michas on what is going on in Israel. Folks it is time to get things in order. Be not surprised...

Hear the latest with Common Core from perspective of Finn Laursen who is the staunchest defender of both students and teachers.
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