Circles of Prosperity

Circles of Prosperity


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An online Wisdom School and morning devotion where we embrace the gift of co-creating with God.

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Here you are now, at this moment, studying Oneness and growing in your awareness of your Divinity. All is blissful, and BAM - you are in the middle of a mess. Of course, you know that you created this mess. But why? You're on your... more

Learn how to manifest the best results when conflict arises.

Learn the art of compromise by shifting enegetic vibration surrounding the discord. This is an important skill during these turbulent times, and lays the foundation for creating peace on earth. Peace begins with you.

Where will our spiritual journey lead us? Where are we right now? Oneness states we are NOWHERE! How can that be?

Things are definitely changing on our planet. Many of you can feel it. Today, we will discuss these changes, how it impacts our spiritual development and what we can expect in the future.

Oneness tells us that the answers we are seeking do not come from our logical mind, but rather from the wisdom in defying logic. To reach this level of trust in our inner guidance, we must realize that there is no need to reach out for... more

You understand how to manifest anything you want in the material world. The question now is do you want what the material world has to offer, or something more?

We will close out our discussion on detaching from the illusion, and then we will have free oracle readings. It will should be an enlightening and fun experience. Have your questions ready for the Oracle.

When you focus on the evidence of being at the effect, rather than at the cuase of your own circumstances, you create the parameters to reinforce the illusion of your separation from Source. Today, we will learn how to detach from the illusion.

One of my favorite poems is "If" by Rudyard Kipling, and there is one line I often think about: "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you" I'm sure many of you have found yourself in situations where... more