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An innovative new talk show. I will feature celebrities, charities, artists, musicians, and anyone my little heart desires.

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Today, I get the distinct pleasure of interviewing another local legend, Kris Crow. Master he is of the piano and guitar, but also in his unique versatility to adapt to playing various musical styles in a plethora of performances. WAMI Winner is... more

Larger than life is her personna, and she is recognizable for more than just her mug on Mob Wives. Grandmother of two, wife to one, friend to many. Angela can clearly be classified as a connoisseure of classy clothing and sparkling spirits.... more

Today's guest is one of the most modest, marvelous and far from mediocre musicians in the local scene. Cari Cody brings her being and belief in her fellow friends to a menagerie of musicians on a weekly basis. Often times, I see her... more

Gail King, a stunning soul by first glance, is a goddess of grace at age 65. She carries more titles than most, but is most often recognized as the host of Looking to Make A Difference with Gail, a NYC based TV show. She uses... more

Kate has created for herself a look and a long line of followers which are unique only to her. Whether bouncing about on stage as June Carter Cash or Kate, she is a legend in her country and to her crowd. She is fun, friendly, and well... more

Today we are doing a show that screams of injustice and insensitivity to the individuals who finds themselves without shelter from the storm. Those that struggle to survive on the streets, unnoticed and unacknowledged. They all have... more

Michael is a rarity when it comes down to my interviewing experience, as I have never interviewed a duel citizen musician until now! Michael is a three way triangle of talent - musician, songwriter, and visual artist. He is often times seen... more

John Damroth is one of the most gallant and gifted actors that I have had the pleasure to chat with and get to know over time. Hardworking, driven and desirious to better himself are his missions, as well as prescribing to the pay it... more

He is just extraordinary, this Jordan fellow. He is the CEO of the infamous Pimp My Pooch. He has written an extraordinary publication entitled Behind The Lines: What It Really Takes to Make It As An Actor. He has performed, structured and... more

After much anticipation, today I am featuring my Canadian creative Ed Roman on the show. Anytime that I get to interview a man that is both a friend and a fabulous talent, I am excited! Ed is a man of many suprises. He is at times a... more