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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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What is the "why" for Jesus going to the cross. Why did HE have to die? Yes it was for our sins but the question is why did he have to die ? Were they not already giving tithes of bulls and goats as blood offerings to atone for sins? Were they not already under a priest system that God dwelled in the Most Holy place of the Temple and the high priest went in once a year for atonement? Why did all these traditions need to change? why did Jesus have to go to the cross if this system was working? Why did God make it PARAMOUNT to change the Covenant at the Cross and why is today's church oblivious to the change? Can we worship God they we want to like Cain or must we worship in Spirit and Truth? John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Heb 8:7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second.
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Fear can be paralyzing, it can literally keep you locked in chains. Yet the truth will set you free. While some of us know the truth and embraced the truth, others know the truth and remain in bondage. Some are bond by family, for some its... more Presents -On today's FIST FIGHT FRIDAY, we will be asking the question if you KNOW where your money is going. Is your tithes and offering really being used to spread the gospel? Do you even NEED money to... more

US Justice Department statistics show that 33% of girls and 14% of boys are molested before the age of 18. It is also estimated that only 35% of sexual abuse is actually reported. What could or SHOULD the church do to meet the... more

Join us tonight as we discuss a subject that many talk about - FORGIVENESS. We will ask several questions; Do we have to ask for forgiveness every time we sin? Is there a difference between asking for forgiveness and... more

This is a HOT TOPIC, everyone. In recent news, Penn State head coach of over 50 years, JOE PATERNO is retiring in light of a child molestation scandal occuring in his department on his watch. In 2002 it was reported to PATERNO... more

ATTENTION ALL THE EX's: Ex-P**nAddicts, Ex-Drug Addicts, Ex-Hustlers, Ex-Strippers, Ex-Cultists, Ex-Muslims, Ex-Boosters, Ex-Fornicators....ALL Ex's!!! This Sunday Nov 12, 2011 12pm est, Real Talk Radio w/Elgin and Twins,... more

It was recently brought to our attention that Joel Osteen is travelling all over the country doing $peaking engagements. Much like buying a concert seat at ticketmaster; prices range from $50 - $150 dollars for a seat. And of COURSE... more

No More Pews acknowledges this is a sticky subject, but one worthy of discussing. When it comes to mission work and missionaries in the body of Christ we must ask some hard questoins. For one, where did the template of mission... more

When you think of a person being disabled, you normally think of physical or mental handicap that keeps one's body from functioning normally. MS or a missing limb has damages mobility; Blindness affects sight; Autism and... more

Tonight's show will deal with HOT TOPICS! What is really going on in the church? Really, not all churches have gone mad, but a good majority of them have totally flipped the script!! We're talking PAY-PER-VIEW Jesus,... more
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