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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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The Body of Christ is speaking out loud and proud against recent, very public incidents among players and perceived cover-ups among the NFL. Arrests, jail time, and firings have been demanded among other punitive options. And yet, churches today are full of people who refuse to demand the same for their pastor, pastor's colleague, or other church leader's delinquent behavior. On fist-fight Friday, we want to examine how many pastors are still in office with no suspension, no firing, and no restitution for similar or other corrupted behaviors affecting many. Why the double-standard? LETS TALK ABOUT IT ON FIST FIGHT FRIDAY, 12 NOON EASTERN!!!
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This FIST FIGHT FRIDAY, we will be discussing the EVOLVING CHURCH with David Stevens. It seems that more and more people who have been delivered from MAD CHURCH DISEASE are seeking and creating different types of... more

IT'S A FIRST ON NO MORE PEWS! We had such a good show on Tuesday and you all asked and we are going to deliver. We will have PART 2 on MUSIC. There are many more points to be discussed and we want to cover them all. Also, we... more

No church is perfect. But for those freed from Mad Church Disease, and are no longer Emotionally Pimpable....what qualities would a church need to have for you to attend it? Q&A Bible Studies? A Holiness Standard? No Preaching... more

Have you ever been told you can't listen to secular music or if you do, you are carnal minded? Do you believe that music "ministers" to people and can help people get saved? Is music simply for ministry or can it have purely... more

A large majority of Americans consider themselves "Christians". It's a great part of their heritage, the go to church on Easter and celebrate Christmas. However, are they really saved? Do they acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and... more

To often Christians fall into one of two traps relating to the issue of judging. "Don't judge anything or anyone" or "Judge everything and everyone". Both are WRONG. Tune into Real Talk Radio Sunday's @ 12 pm est as we walk through... more

What is it about unhealthy churches that has people going back to them over and over again? Are they addicted to the experience? Do they get a "fix" on a good song, and an ear-tickling "word". Do you have an inordinate attachment to the... more

Join No More Pews Radio show as we discuss the HOT topic of pastors who are abusing the sheep spiritually and PHYSICALLY. Are you uncomfortable with your pastor when he comes around? When people speak about your pastor, is it... more

On today's show, we will be CONTINUING the discussion on the prerequisites necessary to be pimped by a preacher. Predatory Preachers tend to attract and feed on broken people who may be approval addicts. This week we have been... more

Having the faith not to fight, when offended or hurt...Showing the grace of GOD, when you are going through difficult situations with others...HOW do you?!? What does it look like!?!?! And the big QUESTION Do I have to!?!?! Join REAL TALK... more
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