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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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Many Pastors prop themselves up to also be "Spiritual Fathers". This title evokes feelings of intimacy, loyalty and obedience. However is this biblical? Is this even practical? Before taking his sabbatical, Eddie Long comforted New Birth by... more Presents Today on Real Talk Radio, Join the Brothers ion this open, honest and real roundtable discussion, we will take another look at this overlooked topic of how to be with only one woman from an ex-whore's... more

Damn. That's probably the most popular word for many right now. I don't know anybody who is not going through something. Its not just the Holiday season blues, its life. So many of Us feel like we are right there on the edge. Wondering... more

What are some of the warning signs to tell if your pastor is a Diva? With all of the cars, money ,sex and rock and roll you would think someone would start asking some tough questions. Like why does my pastor need a private Jet? And why... more

Have you experienced a church that started out biblical and balanced...but then grows into something corrupt and abusive? Have you seen believers start churches with the best intentions, and then become PIMP PREACHERS? What... more

SPIRITUAL COVERINGS, COVENANT PARTNERS, SPIRITUAL PARENTS - where in the world did all this come from? Join us on the NO MORE PEWS RADIO SHOW as we discuss the infiltration of these false doctrines in the... more

Have you ever seen Dateline's "To Catch A Predator". Sexual predators are caught on tape soliciting sex from minors; and then are confronted and exposed. Often times, these perverts are caught AGAIN on the show. Does a Pimp... more

How to read in context: Never read "A" Bible verse. Always read at least a paragraph, and preferably a section or a chapter. Looking at what came before and after will help ensure you are getting the right meaning. Taking verses... more

Why do congregants stay loyal to scandal-ridden abusive pastors and unhealthy churches? We've all heard of "Battered Wife Syndrome"; where an abused wife stays with, and even DEFENDS their abuser. Are there any similarities... more

Join us as we have our Thursday FREE FOR ALL, HOT TOPICS show. Tonight we open the phone lines for our callers to call in and tell us what is on their mind. We will also talk about the issue of REPENTANCE, GRACE, CRIME in the... more
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