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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at www.PimpPreacher.com and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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We talk a lot about the pimp, who he is, and his characteristics. We spend a good deal of time conveying the importance of being able to spot one. However, a pimp would not be a pimp without hoes to support him. So if that preacher is a... more

As Christians, our spiritual life should include continual self reflection and repentence. But how many sermons have you heard about repenting from GLUTTONY, or repenting from destroying God's REAL temple...YOUR BODY?... more

We begin the first of our 3 part series MANHOOD, titled "PRIDE". Each part in the series will be aimed directly at MEN, and the issues that are plaguing us, and destroying generations of woman, children and men. This will be a no excuses,... more

Does the church support medical help for the mentally ill? Do you ever go to church and wonder if certain people are suffering from depression? What about paranoia, schizophrenia, mood disordersor or even a "God complex/ Nino Brown... more

Why does the media continue to harp on single black women as if we are some exotic species for case study? There are a number of variables of why we are single, and no, we dont owe ANYone an explanation. Stop asking us. On... more

Have you ever experienced someone who has observed the hypocrisy, stupidity and even abusiveness of an Institutional Church, and as a result... lost faith in God? What happened to the faces you used to see at your church...but now... more

Real Talk Radio..."Always Biblical, Always Provocative and ALWAYS Real" Now a days it seems everybody wants to be "in charge" and everybody else is looking for a model of leadership that looks like the "worlds". Chain of... more

On this Fist Fight Friday, we were originally going to be talking about Joel Osteen... but current events usurped everything. Gospel talent show, SUNDAY'S BEST winner LeAndria Johnson announced that she was pregnant with... more

Why do Pimp Preachers get away with Pimping their parishoners financially and even physically? Why do False Prophets get free reign to twist the word of God to support their own agenda? How do Pastors who once were humble and... more

Just because you can preach doesnt mean you should be a pastor. Just because you know how churches should run because you have seen it done doesnt mean you should be one. And just because it can be a lucrative profession... more
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