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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at www.PimpPreacher.com and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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Does the church use hype and emotionalism to gain control of people, of their money, of thier relationships? Has the church really gone wild, or have people just become more aware of all the things going on in the "House of God" Join RTR this and every Sunday at 10am est or call 661.449.9951 to listen live!!!!! www.4realtalkradio.com
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You've heard us here at Real Talk Radio speak up and out about things that are going in and around the "Church", one of the question we are often posed is...."What's WRONG with the Church?"....Today on this episode we will dive in... more

WE BACK - TUNE IN TODAY 12 PM EST. topic "THE WALKING DEAD" - Part 3 of the Churches of Revelation series. Jesus cuts no corners as he judges the works of the Church (Ekklesia /Congregation) at Sardis who thought they were... more

Today on RTR, we are going to be talking about a form of idolatry that no one will ever admit to, because they probably have no clue that they are doing it. Call 661.449.9951 to listen live. Join us this and every Sunday at 10am est... more

What is mad church disease? Is it contagious? Do you suffer from it? Is there a cure? Join RTR this and every Sunday at 10am est! Call 661.449.9951 www.4realtalkradio.com

A few years ago, Eddie Long endorsed and introduced Ephren Taylor to his parishioners as part of a wealth-building seminar. Many people attended and invested in his business model. Several invested their retirement and life... more

IN THIS WEEK'S BROADCAST, we discuss what is "The Church" according to how bible defines, what does it look like and how is it suppose to operate? What is the "church" Jesus died for to establish a New Covenant based on better... more

Ya'll know we've had a long break... but this Creflo Foolishness has caused the sleeping giants to awaken!!! Creflo Dollar has done it again! He is asking 200,000 supporters to give $300 so he can purchase a luxury jet to replace his old jet.... more

Today on RTR, we'll be talking about abuse both inside and outside the body of Christ. There are many types of abuses that occur, but we're going to focus on three types today. Spiritual, physical and verbal abuse. Join us this and every... more

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE deals with the teachings of Balaam (prosperity driven / centered teachings), the doctrine of the Nicolaitans (conquer the people) and Jezebel Prophets. We will discuss the churches of Pergamos and Thyatira.... more

Join RTR this Sunday at 10am est as we talk about "When your walk doesn't look like theirs". Call 661.449.9951 to add your voice to the conversation. www.4realtalkradio.com
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