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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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Money is a hot topic in the Christian community: whether to tithe, how to stay out of debt, and even wanting to be financially prosperous. In this series, we tackle all of these topics. In Part 1, we will examine the tithe. Does God really need... more

The Body of Christ is speaking out loud and proud against recent, very public incidents among players and perceived cover-ups among the NFL. Arrests, jail time, and firings have been demanded among other punitive options. And yet,... more

Join us tonight on Revolutionary Truth as we discuss, Different New Age trends and methodology. Alon with up to date Wacky News and News You can use.

We all know the saying, "Spare the rod, spoil the child" is that really the case? Adrain Peterson, did he really go too far? Not to mention up to date news and comentary. Join The Church Folk Revolution in the all new Over Flow! - On Church Folk Revolution Radio today we will talk about Pastor Stalkers, and how obsessed some members are about their Pastor. We will also update you on several stalking cases including Bishop T.D. Jakes... more

We know that God honors marriage, but when is enough, enough? When is it okay to leave a marriage or marriage-minded relationship if you're a Christian, and what do you do when its all said and done? Today we'll explore relationships,... more - Today we will talk about Black Fathers in 2014 and how many active fathers are still getting marked absent during role call. Are you having problems parenting a child from a past relationship? We will also discuss the... more

If you've been in church for any amount of time, you've more than likely seen something that just made you laugh. Today on RTR, we are going to be talking about some of the funny stuff that happens in church. We would love to... more

Join Will, Sage, and COGIC Refugee as we examine spiritual warfare in the context of the church. Do you believe people can be possessed by demons that need to be cast out, or is this just another thing churches use to keep you in... more
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