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The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!

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Today on Church Folk Revolution we will talk about Going To Church To Catch Hell with Bishop I.V. Hilliard's oldest daughter Kermeshea Hilliard Evans. We will also talk about Gospel Singer James Fortune latest arrests for domestic abuse! Join us!
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Today on Church Folk Revolution Radio we are asking the question - What part of "I have a Dream" is alive in your church life today? Are you a child from the 50's? If so - how has your life been enhanced since 1963? We will also talk about... more

Today on CFR Radio we will take a really close look at Gospel Singer James Fortune and how the church as ignored his domestic viloence victim. Read article on James Fortune on

If you are constantly experiencing problems and difficulties in your life, is it because of a curse? Is the curse a result of your mother, father, grandparents, or great grandparents being involved in the occult or practicing a particular... more

Today on CHURCH FOLK REVOLUTION RADIO we will talk about the Bishop Eddie Long Charlotte Church Foreclosure and how it has impacted that local church community. We will also asked the question: Did God call your pastor to... more

Today we will talk about one of the sickest preachers we have ever covered on Pimp Preacher - Anthony Hopkins! Read more about Anthony Hopkins on

Today on CFR Radio we will take on the topic of why so many Gospel Singers are becoming Pastors. Are you convinced that God has called them or is this just another gig? Who do you feel starting preaching because of declining record... more

So you've made your move, you have left the IC (institutional church). You have many questions: What's next? What can I expect to happen? Is God mad at me? Should I ever go back? How and when will I fellowship? Where do I go now?... more

Today on Fist Fight Friday we will fight about the Top Five Topics Christians Cannot Agree Upon. Number 5 is Tithing but can you name the other four? Don't miss this show and your opporunity to join in the fight on Fist Fight Friday. Only... more

On Tonight's episode, we will be discussing issues in the news as it relates to the revolution. Our top story: Mark Driscoll resigns from Mars Hill. Other stories to include: the Vatican change towards LGBT, Houston officials subpoenas local... more
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