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There is a revolution happening within the walls of our churches! The status quo isn't working anymore. Join us each episode as we look at the side of the church we sometimes are afraid to challenge!

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A conversation was held with a 73 yr old woman today who felt pretty bad because she feels as though she is on her way to hell. Not because of immorality... Not because she lied...... Not because she stole anything But... more

As elementry as it may seem many roam throughout life in confusion. We have to understand the simple things such as beauty within ourselves. God made us all beautiful in the point of similarities and differences. The balance of the simplicity... more

Some, not all, believers struggle with the notion of feeling bad once a temptation is presented to them. What is it that would cause someone to feel miserable after facing a temptation and not yielding to it? Could it be they have not recognized... more

What do you do when you've prayed and asked God to send you that special someone that you've waited for all of you life, and when they show up, THEY AREN'T SAVED!! Do you compromise your convictions for personal pleasure?... more

I Samuel 16:13 13 Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. I can imagine the look on the faces of David's brothers after the... more

It is often said that if you keep repeating the same actions, you will keep getting the same results! I have definitely experienced that in my life a time or two, and the solution, though hard to start, once taken, changed the very direction of... more

The battle we face today is the battle of decision. What is right from wrong, what justifies what we percieve to be right and what is in actuality wrong. In our daily walk with christ we are trying to live a life pleasing to him.....Tune in as... more

We've heard from the quote, "greatest preachers of our time", and the we cry for revival and change and transformation from the pulpits of America, but we at times find it hard to relinquish our hold on our programs and agendas in order to... more

One of the greatest liberties is the day you realize that you have been freed from your issues and addictions. What joy you come to realize and obtain from the fact that you can actually live without it! What peace and joy and excitement it is to... more

You thought all that anointing you had on your life would break every single yoke you had huh? Years later, you wonder why it hasnt' left yet! Regardless of your position, your title, your anointing, some things are not going to change until you... more
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