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There is a revolution happening within the walls of our churches! The status quo isn't working anymore. Join us each episode as we look at the side of the church we sometimes are afraid to challenge!

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Listen to the testimony of Susan Puzio, an Evangelist who was on the road to fame and fortune in the Church World but gave it all up and left the large platforms to expose what God had revealed to her about the Institutionalized... more

Why Should We Forgive? BECAUSE GOD MADE A BET WITH THE DEVIL.....The devil bet God that if he could inflict family trouble, sickness, financial problems on Job, that this would make this God-fearing man "CURSE GOD TO... more

What's up young people tonight is another show and it's jam packed we are at it yet again, and we got to hit this topic atleast once more so lets do it. It's the big question that we all ask eachother when we go home, school, work, and even... more

You go, you come home, you go back, you come back home, and you go back. Something keeps drawing you and pulling at you and you find yourself giving into it again. It has consumed you to the point of helplessness. You can't stop... more

Tonight at 8 pm (9 pm eastern), Saturdays with Sis premieres with Politics, Punches and Passion. Join Internet personality Sistah Bigbonez and weigh in on the recent debates, the bus driver who packed a punch, and what you're... more

What do you do when the hurt won't stop hurting? God wants you to forgive those who hurt you. But that does not mean that HE is not mindful of your feelings. He will bring vengeance to those who have done you wrong. But your... more

What are positive confessions? Can I confess what I possess? Does confession precede possession? Are my words so powerful the God has to hearken unto my words and perform? Positive confession is the beliefe that is a beliver speaks... more

Have you been asked by church folks, "Who is your covering?" Where did that teaching come from? Is it used to protect you or control you. Do you need REALLY need Pastor to submit to, or is that a teaching that you may need to... more

?BECAUSE I SAID SO?....FORGIVE It's one of the hardest things for human beings to do, and really mean it. When you have been unjustly treated, wronged, betrayed,....when your heart seemingly has been ripped out and used as a chew... more

Word of Faith, also known as Word Faith, Prosperity Gospel, or Health and Wealth. How can someone get caught up in the Word Faith doctrine? If it's so dangerous as many claim, how does a believer ignore all the signs. Many... more
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