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The Beast system technology is here. Today's Drones and tomorrows robot police will replace alot of human jobs. 

 Using social media and COMPUTERS to bond people together is how Satan has set up his evil communication grid to deceive the nations. There are already robots in a N.J. U.S. airport that will greet you. Not to mention RFID Chips tagged in department store mannequins that watch your every move.

  International or National Identification will be used for several benefits. Including tracking and  identifying missing persons, helpful in tragic emergencies, immigration, parole escapes, robbers, identifying dead bodies.This is only a type and shadow of the soon coming MARK OF THE BEAST.

  Daniel 12:6 states that many will go to and fro (Aviation has soared and airports nationally have increasingly high rising polulations on a global scale) and TECHNOLOGY (do I really have to stress THIS end time prophetic announcement!?!?!) will increase.

 "He causes ALL (Those who don't have an intimate love relationship with God which is 

available only through putting ALL your trust and faith In Christ Jesus Thee ONLY  

ALL Lords and Savior) to take the MARK".......

"And he (ANTI-CHRIST) causeth ALL,(Those who oppose The Word of God and renounce that JESUS 

IS THE CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD) both small and great, rich and 

poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their RIGHT HAND, or in their FOREHEAD.

That no man (NO ONE) might buy or sell, (hold a job, work, shop, trade, conduct 

sales and participate in the N.W.O.)

save he that had the MARK, (A persons one stop ticket for a free ride to HELLSFIRES) or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."