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Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life.

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Trusting our instncts is something we are told to do, yet when we have an instinct we cast it aside as if the voice of reason is an option. Then as time passes we keep getting glimpses of the instinct we did not pay attention to, as the voice of reason gets louder and louder in our heads. How can a person feel and instinct, trust their instinct, act on their instinct and not allow others to ask of them things that they know in their hearts they do not want to do or are ready to do? Tune in and Join the Conversation Tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM, PST!
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We get stuck in life and at times we are unaware that we are stuck, that you were injured, that what happened affects us and changes us in ways that we do not want to be changed. Yet are we really stuck there? In life there will always be... more

We are always looking for someone to say we are OK. In one way or another it fuels us to think that others think we are on the right track, that we are doing the right thing, that we are percieved as someone who is not doing anything wrong... more

Merry Christmas! Christmas brings love to the forfront of life and life to the forfront of love. God is Love. Christ is Love. We are Love. So how does love, how do we, how does God's Love come to light in this day? Lets celebrate the evolutions of... more

The ripple affects of the lack of love are so known to our souls that when we see it happening outside of us we cringe inside waiting to see what happens. Yet when we are faced with making decisions based on love or not we feel too... more

There is so much that happens during this time of year. As Christmas nears it turns out to be such huge shift in how we look at things and how we are affected by each other in these days of hustling around and gift giving, yet... more

We talk about our laws and we hear about Gods Laws yet we cannot live in both. We go to places of worship and we leave feeling like we can do so many things in our lives and then we walk out into the world and we find that we do not fit... more

Why do we have to learn to accept ourselves, to accept our lives, to accept who we are or who we were? How did we get so far away that we have to be shown how to get back to our very selves? Rebuilding the bridges back to ourselves... more

Competition is great. It shows us how far we can go and what to set our standards by and then surpass them. Competition is healthy in the right settings and counter productive in other settings. What is it about Competition that... more

We are always striving to be our best. We try everyday to do things better than we did before and then something happens and we question if that is the best we could have done. How do we know when we are in the best state of mind we... more

We keep trying over and over again. Thinking we will control it better this time, do it better, not fall into the traps that we fell into before and then we find ourselves right back where we started only different people and different... more