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Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life.

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There are so many kinds of relationships and some relationships work better than others. Why is it that two people can get a long and two other people cannot? How is it that some relationships can last a lifetime and some are not meant to... more

The words we use, the way we got use to doing things, the roadblocks we got use to using have kept us in place for years. We were Ok for a long time with the way things were and everything worked out since things did not change for a long... more

We use to think of Energy as a topic of being "out there" yet how "out there" is the Energy? Millions have been made on figuring out that air has energy and we transmit through sound waves so why would it be silly to think that we ourselves... more

Why is it that love is such an endless topic? Why is it that when we hear about love, in any forum, we wake up and listen to what is being said? The need and desire for love is in us all. How is it that we all deal with love in different ways... more

Everyone's life changed on September 11, 2001. The changes in our world, in us, in politics, in truth, in how we interact, in our news, in our daily lives, in the foods we eat, in how we travel, in laws and in finance are now all different.... more

Everything starts with you. Everything. What you like, what you desire, why you desire it and how you take yourself on. When you see redundancy in your life there is a reason why you need it and a reason why you now are seeing... more

Why is it that when something great happens we believe that everything happens for a reason and when something not so great happens we wonder why? Knowing there are no mistakes, how do we keep our balance when we feel off balance?... more

What does it look like when we are facing something and God's hand is working in our lives? At times we do not feel so attached to what we are doing and other times we feel like we cannot let go of what we are learning. Because we know... more

If you have a question that you want to ask about Life, God, Love or More, today is the day! Call in, write in, or leave us a comment on Facebook and I will do my best to get to it. Let's start the weekend with leaving Friday on a high note... more

Are you willing to see your own role in your own life? Do you need to create, blame and dump all of what you cannot face on another human being and expect them to listen to you shout without you listening back? How is it that you conflict... more