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Christisms with Nadia Khalil Bradley


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Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life.

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We talk a lot about what we have faith in. We talk about Faith mostly when we speak about God and what we believe, yet when we feel the most need what do we turn to first? Do we turn to fear first or God first? Do we trust in the bigger... more

There are days when we are doing what we are doing, and then someone shows up in our day and starts talking in suspicious words, or mean words, or speaking in a kind voice saying unkind things and it takes a minute to figure out what... more

When we say we are sorry we heal both souls, our own and the person we are sorry to or is sorry to us. When something happens that feels irrepairable we start to feel stuck and feel like there is no way out. Yet there is always a path to... more

Does people pleasing interrupt your life? What is it in us, that makes us feel that we have to please others and what do we give up in ourselves to please others? What do we think we will achieve by pleasing others and why do we put so... more

How do you meet someone? What happens once you meet someone? How does sex figure into the relationship? What can you expect and what do you accept in this time? Relationships have evolved and the costs of commitment are... more

There is a lot said these days about blocking. How do you know if you are blocked and what do you do about it if you suspect you are? There are many gifted souls who know how to erradicate blocking and freeing your soul. What is... more

We are breaking the rules, the standards, the boundaries we were given and we are open to what we will find even if we do not know what we will find. What was taught to us and what we are learning cannot coexist so easily and we are... more

We sometimes can under estimate what it means to our lives to have days that we feel good about and are not living in the future of things one day being better. Having a good day today promotes good health, enjoys the relationships in our... more

Love comes so easily until we start to feel vulnerable to love. Why is it that love makes so uncomfortable? Why is it hard for us to admit that we love, that we want, that we care and that love means something to us. Most of us will off the... more

We put so much expectation on relationships that we do not get to find out who someone is very easily. Why do we need others to do what we think they should do for us to be happy, accept them, love them and join in on their lives?... more