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Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life.

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At times we are fine and happy and all of the sudden someone does something or says something and we change. We are not sure what happened, yet our bodies, our minds show signs of internal distress even though we just think our mood changed or at times do not even notice the shift in energy. How is it when we take on another souls energy and how does it affect us in the moment and longer term? What can we do about energy that comes our way and is not ours yet we think it is? How can we tell the difference between the two? Tune in and Join the Conversation Monday Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! :)
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Arguments are somthing we try to avoid and at times we get sucked in and we don't know how we dot in and we do not know how to get out of an argument. How can you, in the heat of the momet switch gears and end with a better... more

We all have dreams. We remember some dreams, we think we will never forget some dreams and then we wake up and cannot retrieve the information in an instant! We are always wondering what our dreams mean and we go to... more

Insecurities are looked at with insecurity when we ourselves are insecure. When we are not insecure about something and we see that insecurity in others, we feel compassion for where they are in life due to their level of insecurity. That sounds... more

I know it sounds funny at first to say this and also to think about it, yet Animals do not need school to learn how to be an animal. They just know what to do and they do it. They do not judge, they do not lie, they do not steal, they do not... more

We hear the term "Dark Night of the Soul" a lot when some souls describe certain periods of their life. Why use that term and does it cover and do we use it broadly to describe a period of time in our lives when we are separated from our... more

We talkk a lot about Angels, yet what do we really know for sure about Angles? What is their purpose besides the obvious and what role do Angels play in our lives? Do Angels take form or not? Do they hear you or not? Do you have your... more

What is it about truth, our truth, any truth that we cannot escape? How is it that we are not OK when we lie even before we even know lies are not good for our souls? Is the depth of truth and its power ever dimished and does the truth ever... more

We talk alot about being left alone, not knowing what was going on, people leaving us and people "deserting" us in our times of need. Yet what stems being abandon and what is really happening? Why do we feel that we have to hold on... more

What is it about jealousy that we cannot help and what parts of jeaousy can we help? What does it mean in our souls when we feel jealous and what happens as a result of not understaning why we feel jealous and why or when we do not... more

I got an email asking me, "Does just the act of making space for a thing with clear purpose actually assist us in going down that road good or bad? Has Christ ever taught on that subject with you?" and I thought immediately about Self-Fulfilling... more