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Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life.

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When you've made a decision in your life and you realize, whoaaaahhh... I see where this road is going and I am so not going that way, can you go back to the fork in the road of your choices and make a different choice with your new knowledge? Let's travel through time and see. Today we ask: Can you go back and mend fences, build bridges and clear the air of our pasts? What does it mean to us to go back and how does it affect what we do from now on? Does it affect all the souls involved or or is it just for you? Topics discussed on Christisms are inspired by the stories and writings found within the pages of this book. ORDER Origins of Truth Christ is an Angel of Love. His purpose is to show us love in every part of our lives. Christ is present now to help us remember our essence and our soul's purpose. Christ is very funny, loving and patient and He gives us the room to grow at our own pace. Learn more about Nadia Khalil Bradley and Dawn Katzin by visiting or
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How do you know the difference between what you want and what is best for you? How can you tell the difference between the want and the need? What do you do when the "thing" you think you want is not in your best interest?... more

Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life. Following great questions from yesterdays call-in show, we will start with questions about the soul's need for sleep, past life... more

We are all an example of a million and with every call and every question, there is a universal message, listen back and enjoy the work of Christ and the angels as they help us bridge ourselves back to our souls, what guidance and insights will... more

Friendship clearly plays a vital role in our relationships but friendship in your relationship can be a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; not enough friendship, has turned into only a friendship or have a balance that is just right.... more

How is it that we believe we "owe" others our time, our work, our lives while at the same time we are trying to live our own lives? It starts with knowing when to say "NO" and that a "No" is as powerful as when we say YES! How do we learn to... more

Wait! What just happened? How did you have a conversation with someone and you both heard two entirely different things and the argument ensues... Or what about when you make decisions based on what you "thought" as opposed... more

Your show, your questions. Christ answers modern day issues about love, relationships, money, our current world, and the purpose of life. Share your thoughts and questions with Christ, for example, how do we make sense of the... more

What is it like to ask Christ a questions and recieve a direct answer? What would ask if you knew the answer could change your life, change a perspecitive or give you a new path to follow? Phone lines will be open for your mini, one question... more

When we dismiss our relationships do we miss our lessons? What is the foundational purpose of even having relationships beyond the obvious reasons of having relationships? Our purpose, our purpose in a relationship and how it... more

What does Christ Sound like and Do I Still See Him? This is my most frequently asked question. How does Christ Sound? What does He Say? Do I Still See Him? Why Now? Why is Christ here speaking in this time and what are the... more