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Christina Malone


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God's Time Is "Now" Time. For thousands of years, people looked at the sky, and knew where they were in relation to their Universe by looking at the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. The practice of Astrology was an immediate link to the Divine - like having God's cell phone number! I use Astrology to guide me in making my life easier.

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Talked about New Moon in Aquarius and the Aquarian Age.

Saturn rules age, the skin and bones - the structures of our life. So, Saturn brings us to our knees. Saturn rules discipline and commitment. It is now going retrograde, or backwards in Libra, the sign of relationships, so everyone is... more

Discussion of Jupiter and Uranus going into the sign of Aries - the sign of "I AM."

Follow up on Planetary Hour Discussion from previous week. We talked about 13th Astrological Sign Hoax, and how 12 signs form a perfectly balanced wheel, so there cannot be a 13th sign. Also discussed Full Moon in Cancer, very... more

In Depth Discussion of how to use the Planetary Hours to pick the right time to go on a date, go shopping, or ask for a raise!