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Angelic Guidance - Angel Blessings Radio Program

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The Angels will share insight to help you navigate the 5th Dimension while still walking on this 3rd dimensional world. If you would like healing energy for your physical, emotional or spiritual body, listen to one of the short ?Angel... more

2015; The Year of Answered Prayers! Angel Soul Teaching The Angels will share insight into what to expect for this year. And how you best position yourself to get the answers to your long awaited prayers even during all that will be going... more

How do I talk with my Angels? How do I talk with someone else's Angels? How do I talk with my pet using my Angels? How do I protect myself using my Angels? How do I protect my property / my animals using my Angels? How do I get... more

Did you know that at this time, there are only 11 countries in the world that are conflict free? Within our states and cities there are battles and emotions raging. Unemployment is higher around the world than the numbers we are told and... more

"You Deserve to Thrive" Angel Soul Teaching will give you reasons why you can thrive in this chaotic world and yes, even in this economy. They will help you to remember who you are as a "spiritual" human being and why speaking, thinking... more

Are you ready to be empowered and inspired? In this program, we will share the difference in Hoping for something and Believing that you can have it. Join me and let me encourage your soul that things are not out of your control. In... more

Today we will explore ways to feel more comfortable being around your family, friends and co-workers. Lightworkers have always felt different and sometimes there is pressure to conform and be like everyone else. That is difficult when we... more

We have been working for lifetimes to prepare our souls for this next phase of our experience. Are you ready to fully experience life in the Christ Consciousness of the 5th Dimension? This program will explain in detail: ~How the Rapture will... more

?Spiritual Update on the Ascension? Angel Soul Teaching ~ The Angels will share where we are in our steps toward ascension both collectively and individually. ~We will guide you to breathe light into each chakra including the... more
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