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Christian Farm and Homestead

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The voice of the Covenantal Agrarian Resistance. Join host Scott M Terry as he and his guests talk about farming, homesteading, survival, preparedness, agrarianism, organic agriculture, gardening, reformed theology and more.

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Scott M Terry is joined by co-host Tony Konvalin to cover a host of topics including "remembering Jonas Clark (farmer, preacher and patriot)".

Scott M Terry talks about a little bit of everything. Honey bees, guns, ND cow share battle, a book review and other stuff.

Richard Grossman returns to the show! Join Scott and Richard for interesting broadcast where we will discuss "Cities and Agrarianism" and also "Growing Old on the Homestead" .

Peter Bartlett joins Scott Terry to cover the news from Bismark, where ND lawmakers are trying to ban and/or regulate cow share dairies out of business. Peter and his brothers have been testifying today at the state capital and will... more

This episode Scott Terry is joined by Mike Passarelli (a regular participant in the chat room known as "AR Mike") to discuss Mike's move from a typical suburban life to an agrarian life in the Ozarks. Mike and his family "left it all" and started... more

This week I will catch up on email questions. Potatoes, no-till gardening, Alaska tales and more will be discussed. Join in the conversation via the chat room or call in.

Making your own soap is simple and easy. Learn how to do it, what equipment you need and how to get started in home scale soap making.

Join Scott Terry for a show on small scale maple sugar production. Learn about the cultural and economic importance of maple sugar in the rural northeast. Learn how to make your own maple syrup. We will cover equipment needed and... more

***New Time 8pm Eastern*** Author, preacher and agrarian separatist Michael Bunker joins Scott Terry to talk about his experience in independent publishing, the latest on the WICK series, Surviving Off Off Grid and more. We will... more

Our discussion on the effects of the industrial revolution continues. Join Scott Terry and Cheri Struble (a home birth midwife) for a discussion on the industrialization of child birth and the common sense agrarian alternative.