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#32 Book of Mormon for Latter Day Families 2 Nephi 2:19

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Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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 I love the Scriptures!!! Review: Adam fell that men might be. These verse were so powerful and prompted such an outpouring of testimony of the fullness of the gospel that I was a bit hesitant to sit down and write the review right away. It is powerful how the scriptures reveal so much in such few words. I bore strong testimony about
Adam and Eve and the fall of mankind and how their fall was necessary for us to be able to have this time in which we could repent. The scriptures state that we must repent. This is not a maybe or a "if you want to" this is a must. We talked about agency as well and how I do not believe that God gives us the agency to choose death. Not in that real sense. We are eternal beings of truth and light. God has confirmed the freedom of being able to choose the right and live. That is what we have. To choose death is simply not to choose to live in my opinion. I know I am countering one of the Book of Mormon prophets in saying this but I agree with President Packer I do not believe that God sets us up with the potential to fail. I believe like any loving parent he gives us what is necessary to succeed and that is what we need to focus on. And the fact that he is our Heavenly Father and all that this suggests is not coincidental either. We have a personal relationship with God. We knew him very well before we came to earth and we will recognize him and have that sense of familiarity when we see him again. He does know our needs and he has provided for them. We simply need to be obedient. May God grant us the ability to soften our hearts and turn to him is my prayer in Jesus name, amen.
**I listened to this & was surprised at my energy in my voice & words. I know that when I am concerned about someone or I see injustice my voice holds a sharpness. I will have to listen again & decide if I need to redo this. My love and concern for others is great but that is no excuse for sharpness, my apologies.