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#33A Scriptures for the Latter days Genesis 24:15, Matt13:14

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Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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I love the scriptures!! Review: In Genesis we read how the servant of Abraham meets Rachel. The way she introduces herself is profound. She acknowledges her father, grand mother, and grandfather, suggesting that genealogy is important to this people and I would say witnessing that it is important to God as well. We saw how she did water the man's camels which may not have been an easily done task, it may not have been "difficult" either for her at this time yet it required work and she did not shun it. I find this a profound example of an attitude that is worth cultivating. We noted how he may have known she was a virgin by her style of dress or even the way she did her hair, Again suggesting that how we present ourselves physically may suggest a lot to another and we can mindful of that no matter what culture or time we may be in. Verse 28 her mother is mentioned as "the damsel ran, and told them of her mother's house" suggesting the responsibility of the woman in this culture and perhaps how Heavenly Father would have it to be as acknowledging the woman as the manager of the home and resources there. Now, this may be a lot of "surmising" but I believe that is okay in that God has a plan for man and man can confuse it with his "logic" or theory or ideas or philosophy and it is important that we seek evidence of how God wants our lives to be lived. In Matthew we continued the discussion on why Christ taught in parables and heard how people's hearts get hard and their ears cannot hear and eyes not see. I stated that I believe the source of this is that man worships the creation (self) instead of the creator (God). Vs 15 shows the purpose of the scriptures; that mankind may see w/their eyes, hear w/their ears, & understand w/their hearts & be converted so that God may heal them. I love this! Promises to those who humble themselves & seek God's will not man's. Till next time, blessings.