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#28A Scriptures for the Latter Days Genesis 20:1 & Matt 12

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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I love the scriptures!! Review: Abimelech takes Sarah to wife and God prevents him from consumating the relationship. I could not help but discuss how Father is very aware of our circumstances and that of those around us. It is my faith that if we are striving to be close to the whisperings of the Spirit that he will guide us as he did Abraham. In Matthew 12 Jesus shows us once again that his witness and knowledge of how to live comes not from the letter of the law but from his knowledge of the scriptures and his desire to know God's will in all things. See verses 3-5. Did you know that it is man that has put the capitals on the words in the King James version of the Bible? This was not done in the original. What if verse 8 read for the son of man is lord even of the sabbath day? Now, I am not trying to change scripture here. I am only trying to understand the mind and will of God. What if he was saying that we are in charge of the sabbath and making it a righteous day of rest from worldly cares. We read, in verse 12, "Wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days". I suggest that it is the attitude of the heart and mind of man that determines if he has broken the sabbath. Careful here that you do not excuse neglect of duty to church worship. I believe God has given man more power than he understands and that this witness will come through the study of the scriptures and the desire to know his will. In this chapter I also discussed how Christ stayed with the church, at this time the people of the Jews, so that verse 21 might be fulfilled "And in his name shall the Gentiles trust". You see many leave the church because of people like the Pharisees (Yes the are alive and well in the church today) but to truly testify of Heavenly Father's plan we need to stay among the people of the church so that our witness will be as Christ's and testify that the plan of redemption through the atonement of Christ is real.