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Chopra Center Radio | Balance. Heal. Transform.

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Awaken your mind-body-spirit connection to attain health, balance, and harmony on Chopra Center Radio. We’ll discuss a broad range of topics including spirituality and money, higher consciousness, meditation, yoga, emotional freedom, holistic lifestyle, and the power of intention. Don’t miss our next inspiring conversation!

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The Law of Least Effort: The Power in Acceptance With davidji If you’re ready to let life be easier, join us for this episode of “The Hour of Enlightenment”! As we were growing up, many of us were taught that in order to achieve success... more

Achieving Mind-Body Balance With Deepak Chopra and Dr. Valencia Porter Do your New Year’s intentions include feeling healthier, more energetic, and balanced? On this month's Hour of Enlightenment, davidji is joined by the... more

Harness the Power of Intention With Deepak Chopra As 2011 begins, a new year lies before us like a tantalizing gift filled with infinite possibilities to imagine, create, and be. Whether you’re feeling energized and ready to embark on new... more

Release to Receive Create Space for Your Dreams in 2011 As 2010 winds down, now is the perfect time to release whatever is no longer serving you . . . letting it go and making space in your life for your dreams to take root in the New... more

The Law of Giving and Receiving Timeless Wisdom for the Season Are you an overgiver? Does giving come so naturally to you that you find yourself giving beyond your means, exhausting your physical, emotional, and financial... more

Walking Wisdom with davidji and Gotham Chopra Join us for this live call-in radio show with special guest Gotham Chopra – who has just released a new book with father, Deepak Chopra, called “Walking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs,... more

Meditation can help you find balance and calm – even when the world around you seems frantic or uncertain. You can begin enjoying the numerous physical, emotional, and spiritual gifts of meditation with your very first meditation. This... more

If you are struggling with emotional stress or you’re feeling stuck and afraid to move forward in life, this program will give you practical tips and timeless healing wisdom that you can immediately start using to transform your life. During the... more

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stuck in emotional turbulence and limiting thought-loops, life feels like a struggle, while if you're feeling calm and confident, things just seem to go your way? Remarkable coincidences unfold before you,... more
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