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Understanding why you are here and what to do with your life is vital to living a fulfilling life. Without understanding your origin which is your point of reference it is very difficult to guage where you are heading in life. Once you know... more

When people ask me questions such as "What should I do with my life?" or "How do I find my purpose" what they are acutally seeking is support, information and guidance to help them decide what to do with their time while they are alive.

Do you feel helpless in your struggle to get a breakthrough in your life? Do you feel like you are doing all you know to do and yet nothing seems to work? Are you so focused on the result of your goal that it drains you and leaves you feeling... more

Some people make decisions that are unconsciously affecting their everyday life because they have not come to terms with their decision. For example, you made a decision to get a divorce and now you don't have the security you once... more

Why is life so competitive and can I win at life? Every decision you make and your ideas about life help determine if you will win. Your success is within you. Why is winning necessary? Stay tuned!

Decision making is at the heart of every successful leader rather public or private. It can be difficult and challenging at times but there are steps that will encourage and empower you to get the success that you want for your end result. Stay... more

Some people are spinning there wheels in hopes of accomplishing their dreams. One of the problems with this is if you don't have clarity about what you desire to accomplish and an action plan to help guide you chances are you will waste a... more

There is no one size fits all formula for success, so let's call it like we see it: When you take a look at your industry, your career, or your craft there are several steps to achieving success, regardless of the measure. If you need help... more

Some musicians know that social media is an important to use to help build and maintain a fan base; however, what some of them don't know is how to take advantage of the tools and resources that are available. Stay tuned for part 2... more

Trying to reach more fans? If you're trying to reach more and more potential fans without really focusing on the fans that you already have stay tuned...