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Hosts Nyree & D'Nyree give you a hilarious and real take on life, love and living in the big city as single black women. (It's like eavesdropping on two friends having a private conversation. Actually, you ARE!) Along with special guests, they tackle today's topics with love, intellect, & a healthy slice of "Momma's Wit"...and they don't hold back! It's about time somebody told the truth! Welcome to The Cake.

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Wow. Gucci huh? Nice bag! Great shoes! You look GREAT...but between me and much did it put you in DEBT? With money being the #1 reason couples don't make it, Chocolate Cake rolls up our sleeves, puts our OWN financial... more

So you're finally boo'd up? Good for you! Married? Even better! But what happens when you meet "THE ONE" AFTER you've already said, "I"m done"? (When it pours, doesn't it?) SHOULD you leave? SHOULD you stay? Do you... more

"The Nyree's" are back for Season 3 of CHOCOLATE CAKE RADIO! And they're still single...still having the discussion. RESOLUTIONS...what will they NOT put up with again...and neither should YOU! PLUS... The speed dating NYC event you... more

On the SEASON FINALE of CHOCOLATE CAKE RADIO... Chris Rock famously once said black women won't date white men because we're not attracted to them. Black men claim it's a "sex" thang. Black women say they feel a sense of... more

Chocolate Cake Radio presents The Episode All Men Feared Would Happen! Ladies...can you IMAGINE what would happen if we women banded together instead of tearing each other apart?! "I only hang out with guys because women... more

The Nyrees are talking firsts! First loves! First kiss! First heartbreak! First time we got some! First "you want me to do WHAT?" AND... could you be STUCK in first? Are you measuring every single experience against your first and creating... more

**SPECIAL GUEST HOST: Paul Carrick Brunson... Professional Matchmaker & Life Coach*** Of course values and background are important when choosing a mate, but what if your potential has a questionable past and is deserving of a... more

WAIT A MINUTE...BEFORE YOU PROPOSE!! Are you getting on one knee knowing damn well you shouldn't? The Nyree's are asking the fellas...are you REALLY Marriage Material or still a Maintenance Man? Are you a love 'em and... more

Tell us why you mad Son...again! Child support/visitation drama! Bossy Women! Passive Aggressiveness! Women Cheating! Gold Diggers! Passing on "Good Men"! (What you say Cee-Lo? F*ck You...!?) Well, guys... here's your chance to... more

OK...first you kiss here. Then I kiss here. Some friction and five minutes later... done?! YAWN...BORING! Last week we talked about deal breakers, but could this be one of them? Just how important is [good] sex in/to your... more
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