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Chocolate Cake Radio

Chocolate Cake Radio


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Hosts Nyree & D'Nyree give you a hilarious and real take on life, love and living in the big city as single black women. (It's like eavesdropping on two friends having a private conversation. Actually, you ARE!) Along with special guests, they tackle today's topics with love, intellect, & a healthy slice of "Momma's Wit"...and they don't hold back! It's about time somebody told the truth! Welcome to The Cake.

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Hey there "Supportive Suzie"! Way to go female version of "Captain Save 'Em"! You're his ROCK! You're ALWAYS there for him! There through thick and thin... (and mostly through thin). But are you enabling a DND ( Do-Nothing Dude) and... more

HYPERMASCULINTY VS. HYPOMASCULINITY. Where does HE FALL? Ahh...here we go again. JODECI vs. BOYZ II MEN. The time honored struggle between "the poetry guy" and...well... "NO BITCHASSNESS". Can there EVER... more

D'nyree & Nyree have been QUITE busy over the hiatus (CLAIRnyc.com anyone?) but now they're BACK and ready to serve you a FOURTH SEASON of the wildly popular CHOCOLATE CAKE RADIO! They've got a lot to say.... more

SEASON FINALE!! Is your life playing out like a Tyler Perry movie except no drop dead gorgeous bus driver shows up at church? From Bible Bangers to Saints to Secret Freaks on choir (you know who you are) to women in love with Pastor...... more

Forget about your partner...should YOU be trusted? We've all done dirt, so what makes YOU so worthy? The Nyree's explore how it feels when mistrust, jealousy and envy creep in to a relationship and how to end it. Is your partner... more

Oh the crap men would have us believe when dating! If it weren't for our gay "husbands", The Nyree's would be two hot messes honey! WE LOVE GAY MEN! Gay men have freely blessed us everything from styling advice to sex tips and... more

THE EPISODE ALL BLACK MEN HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! It's time, once again for BITTER BROTHERS! Tell us why you mad Son...again! Child support/visitation drama! Vibrator drama! Gold Diggers! Passing on "Good... more

Oprah is never gettting married. Ever. Sure she has a steady, but what if you don't...and you LIKE it that way? Plus...from the UBER popular blog "UntilIGetMarried.com" JOZEN CUMMINGS will drop by talking all things... more

Do you remember how to let a man be a MAN? Have you gotten used to opening your OWN doors? Pulling out your OWN chairs? Are you so independent that you actually wonder if you NEED a man? Or are you so independent that your... more

Are you CHOOSING your love life or is it choosing YOU? Should you date just one at a time or (like men) shop around a bit? OR are you afraid of being labeled a "maneater" if you do...or worse? (Garden tool anyone?) How to... more
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