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Greetings to everybody out there in cyberspace.. Hotep, Asalaam alakum, Shalom and of course Wassup… We are glad to present this BlogTalkRadio Show in the spirit of our ancestors… As well as the great teachers and leaders, who’ve transitioned from this world. They are deserving of all praises. Welcome to the Destroy N Rebuild Radio Show where we Destroy ignorance and black boot stomp out Self Hate…. While we Rebuild with intelligence and self-respect… This show was created to help inform our brothers and sisters as well as influence learning, building thru Self determination, awareness and self reliance. Fore we are a great and mighty people, That, within us lay the potential to become a great and mighty nation. All we need to do Is stand up, and decide to take control of our own destiny... Enjoy and research everything you hear here and find out for yourself. Shm Htp.

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On the Next Episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio We will have Independent scholar Angela Porter here in the virtual studio, to talk about her Kemetic research surrounding Setekh. She takes on the Eurocentric idea of Setekh and... more
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On the next Episode of Destroy n Rebuild Radio. Where do we go from here. After so much has happened in the news, What do we do now? What SHOULD we be doing now?

On the next episode we will break down various economic aspects and our thinkin' in terms of jobs vs. business ownership. How the economic system affects us and what we can do to implement change in our own communities. We... more

On the next episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio. We will build on the topic of "Division and Distrust"! How Division and Distrust Effect our Lives today. its historical reference and what it means for our future. We will also discuss the... more

On the next episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio. Why are stolen Afrikans here in Amerikkka such "Prisoners of the Moment"? From reactionary politics, to blind allegiances… We seem to rarely as a group view take into consideration... more

On the next episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio, we will have Dr. Niyana Rasayon PhD in the house to help build upon the topic of Black mental health. The challenges, the things being ingrained within us and the many outter... more

On the next episode of DNR radio we will talk about poverty as a weapon. Global poverty did not just happen. It began with military conquest, slavery and colonization that resulted in the seizure of land, minerals and forced labor.... more

On the next episode of Destory N Rebuild Radio. We're going to talk about the Effeminization of black men and the Masculinization of Black women. Should we be concerned about all this? Is being concerned something akin to Anti... more

Many of us know what the system of White Supremacy is, or what ist supposed to be. However, many do not know how its been so successful and how the mechanics of it works. On the Next epoisode of Destroy n Rebuild Radio, we... more

On the next episode of Destory N Rebuild Radio. We'll build on the topic of Power and Consciousness or the power that comes FROM Consciousness.What power does consciousness bring to Afrikans of the Diaspora and on the... more

On the next episode of Destroy n Rebuild Radio, we will talk about a topic rarely covered in the community… Black Science Fiction and Fantasy! What is the Disconnect between Afrikan people and these genre's? Do they have redeeming... more