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Greetings to everybody out there in cyberspace.. Hotep, Asalaam alakum, Shalom and of course Wassup… We are glad to present this BlogTalkRadio Show in the spirit of our ancestors… As well as the great teachers and leaders, who’ve transitioned from this world. They are deserving of all praises. Welcome to the Destroy N Rebuild Radio Show where we Destroy ignorance and black boot stomp out Self Hate…. While we Rebuild with intelligence and self-respect… This show was created to help inform our brothers and sisters as well as influence learning, building thru Self determination, awareness and self reliance. Fore we are a great and mighty people, That, within us lay the potential to become a great and mighty nation. All we need to do Is stand up, and decide to take control of our own destiny... Enjoy and research everything you hear here and find out for yourself. Shm Htp.

On-Demand Episodes

On the next episode of DNR Destroy N Rebuild Radio, we will be addressing the recent culture of the objectification and sexualization of Black women in todays culture. We'll also discuss it in history and some of the key components in why it... more

Thru every last bit of oppressive torment the white man could muster… there are many who've been born and excelled as great leaders and teachers and guider's of our people. Even in a world that views Afrikan Empowerment as the... more

On the next airing of DNR, we will be discussing the newest iteration of the Hidden Colors Series. Hidden Colors 3, The rules of Racism, as well as a retrospection of sorts on the series itself, and how its effected the community.... more

On the next airing of DNR, we will be discussing the state of black resistance to White supremacy. We ask the question; Is the fight of the Black Revolutionary dead? We'll analyze this and many more aspects on the next Broadcast...... more

RWS stands for Racism White Supremacy.... Today our children are under attack. Mentally, spiritually and Physically. Many of us are so caught up in our own lives we seem to ignore the welfare and future of the Children! Expanding... more

On the next episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio we will be examining the evidence of the continuation of white racism. Why with so much evidence of it do we still act surprised when it happens? Also Is there Black racism or... more

On the Next Episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio We will have Independent scholar Angela Porter here in the virtual studio, to talk about her Kemetic research surrounding Setekh. She takes on the Eurocentric idea of Setekh and brings a... more

On the next show we will talk about the cult of celebrity and its adverse effect on society. One of the most widespread religions of today is celebrity worship. People spend an inordinate amount of time praying to the Celeb-deities they erect above... more

" When you're in a pit, the first thing to do is to stop digging." On the next episode of DNR, We will talk about the possibility, or inevitability of an financial collapse... from an Afrikan perspective! We'll talk about our realities… the challenges... more

Coming up on the next episode of DNR… What are we really striving and fighting for? Something that real? Freedom you can touch and feel? Or are we striving for Faux freedom and Symbolic victories? How important are the things,... more