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Greetings to everybody out there in cyberspace.. Hotep, Asalaam alakum, Shalom and of course Wassup… We are glad to present this BlogTalkRadio Show in the spirit of our ancestors… As well as the great teachers and leaders, who’ve transitioned from this world. They are deserving of all praises. Welcome to the Destroy N Rebuild Radio Show where we Destroy ignorance and black boot stomp out Self Hate…. While we Rebuild with intelligence and self-respect… This show was created to help inform our brothers and sisters as well as influence learning, building thru Self determination, awareness and self reliance. Fore we are a great and mighty people, That, within us lay the potential to become a great and mighty nation. All we need to do Is stand up, and decide to take control of our own destiny... Enjoy and research everything you hear here and find out for yourself. Shm Htp.

On-Demand Episodes

On the next episode we will weigh in on Black History month. Are you for or against it? What are its benefits and drawbacks? Let us know YOUR opinion! All this and more on the next show… Tune in!

Link: Call In: 1-347-994-2959 Guest: Dr. Niyana Mfundi Rasayon PhD The next broadcast we have scholar, teacher and Jegna Dr. Rasayon in the building dealing with surviving the system of white supremacy... more

On the next broadcast, we will analyze the motives and thought processes behind the White Power Elite who at present, have a strangle hold over the globe. We'll examine thier methods of control and thier mastery of propaganda. All this and... more

On the next episode of DNR radio, we will be cycling thru the past years shows and the events that shaped them. Tune in and weigh in on which was your favorite shows and what you'd like to hear in the future. Check yall out... more

On the next episode of DNR, we will be discussing the "Conscious Community". What is the state of the Conscious Community. The Beefs, the debates. The Labeling. We will examine it indepth. We'll also discuss the recent event... more

On the next episode of Destroy nRebuild Radio, we examine the nature of our Consumption habits. Are Afrikan peoples too materialistic nowadays? If so, what does it stem from? Do they play a roll in our values and economic standings? All... more

On the next episode of DNR Radio, we're gonna talk about a class of individuals that, May not seem to be sellout on the surface. However, play their part in the war for the Afrikan Mind and the Afrikan MINES as Dr. Leonard Jeffries would... more

On the next episode of DNR Radio, we will be discussing the burgeoning divide between Black men and Black women… Why has it become so nasty? What are the factors behind it? Do black women date/marry white men because... more

On the next episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio , the topic we will be discussing will be, sexual violence within the black community in America and abroad. We'll give our thoughts on the origins and why it persists in the Afrikan world today.

On the next episode of Destroy N Rebuild Radio, we always read, and hear that incremental Technological Progress is happening faster then many can keep up with. Computers and Communication, have especially been moving at... more