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Energetic frequency bath for energy healers and those who need it in these changing times

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Today we're going to be talking about adversities we face in life. Sometimes, everything is going fine...all is working as it should and then life throws us a curve and you have to go with it...but how you handle the challenge is what makes a... more

I've been listening to Kryon and he's been saying that affirmations are the way to go now. The energies we're working with now are ideal for affirmations to actualize with more ease than ever before. Perhaps you've used affirmations in... more

Have you ever contemplated what your daily feelings, emotions, thoughts do to your body? Yes, they do impact the body... For example, if you are sad...do you feel it in your lungs? If you are worried...where in your body do you feel it? Are... more

We have been getting energies downloads for the past months and today is the big day! Today is the day that the Stargate or Lionsgate portal opens to increase your manifestation power? Are you ready to choose a new reality? Join us in... more

Have you heard yourself say "Calgon, take me away?????" Yes, this is a throw back to 80's tv commercial but that just hits the nail sometimes! Join me today as we take a journey through other realities and bask in healing energies...what... more

Right now there is a huge fire in California, north of Los Angeles. Let's use our collective consciousness and ask the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air to assist us putting it off. Additionally, let's ask for the element to also remove... more

Are you still tied to the news? Do you feel that the world has gone crazy and you just don't know which way to turn? What contribution can you be to the world, nature right now? You are part of the solution...would you join us in creating a... more

Remember back in January we set some targets to accomplish in 2016? How are you doing with those targets? Are you procastinating in any area? I reviewed my list and even checked it twice! Yikessss!!! There were some items on the... more

Today we'll talk about the exiting of the "Spring" energy and the job the "Summer" energy will have while it is here assisting us. Yes, there are changes coming. Remember what Adamus St. Germain said, it's all about the new "new". But... more

Mid-Year check to see how you and your body are hanling the energies and give a tune up for the energies still to come! We'll work withe the Solstice energy and the Sacred Femine and Sacred Masculine as we move onto Summer so that... more