Chick Tech Talk

Jenn Mattern

United States, EnglishBusiness

Chick Tech Talk is a combination business / technology show featuring information and guests on topics such as making money online, blogging, content creation, Internet marketing, online PR, and more.

On-Demand Episodes


I'll be chatting with Tammy Powley, Executive Editor of the Creative Weblogging Professional Blog Network about how you can become a professional blogger, both with your own blogs and with blog networks.

I'll be chatting with published author and e-book author, Dee Power, about writing and marketing e-books.

I'll be chatting with Jeff Behrendt of Aviva Directory about the future of Web directories both from a marketing perspective for SEO and link building and a business perspective addressing their viability as a business model.

I'll be talking with Stacey Lloyd, owner of the niche content network, about promoting niche content websites, in less traditional ways for the Web.