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This Radio Show Is Based On Music Artists. The Oldschool and Newschool Artists. Gossip, Rumors, Fashion Nightmares.Ect. You name it. Just hit me up and tell me how YOU feel about your favorite artists and those you're skeptical about. Peace. Shout-out to my husband Dan.

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There has been alot of beef between these two female rap artists. I want to know what you think about what's going on. Is it for publicity? Or do you all think they really hate each other? Let me know your thoughts.

Female Rap Artists.Why Do They Have To Dress Like Hookers To Sel...

  • by CheroBrie
Why do women in the rap game always have to dress half naked to be a hit in the music industry? First, there was Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim. Now there's Nikki Minaj. Come on you guys? What ever happened to dressing classy or casual... more