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To talk about real life, real hood issues. Religion, Divorce, Marriage, love lost, cheating, Welfare,drugs life...Keeping it real if it kills you.

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Since homosexuality has been accepted in our society more openly more and more young people are coming out. Is it a choice or are they born that way. Topics for discussion: How do you deal with your child being gay. How do you... more

Envy, jealousy, hate, mental illness, family secrets, drug abuse,fostercare Life time of hurt at what point do you let your extended family go and focus on your inner circle.. Sometimes you have to let go and let God..

Tonight lets talk that Baby Mama Baby Daddy Drama Are you a good dad she just does not appreciate you? Why do fathers abandon there own? Are you sure its your child? Is Baby daddy worthless? He is around but Whats the... more

Tonight I want to discuss this topics with issues such as my partner doesn't like my friends how do I choose and at what point. There comes a point when we have to end long term friendships and some of the reasons why?

Gangs, drugs, crimes, There is so much going on in urban cities like Baltimore, What have you done to guide you childrens path letting them know that this is not the way it has to be. What have you done different with your children to show... more

Home is where the heart is. But her/his house is where the fun is. What are some of the reason people cheat. He doesn't satisfy my sexual needs. She wont explore new options. What can i do to keep you from straying, She is beneath me what... more

I have spent multiple years with you and it's time to commit. It is deeper than a piece of paper. Play time is over, How can I fully be a servant of God living my life this way? We have a family lets make this thing Official. Men: Why is she not... more

As women we are encouraged to be independent, some of us grew up in strong single family households, A mother was both parents..What happened to the MEN being the backbone and the wife as the support system...Is the generation... more