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Chef Robb

Time to Build a Community


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A conservation with Chef Robb stop relying on someone else to save us. My immediate focus is on healing so come join us on ways we intend to reconcile. . I look forward to your input and contributions to build a community where we can live and be safe. I know this utopia doesn’t exist so we have to do the next best thing and build it I feel we should speak freely within reason and not be to disrespectful. I am not for censorship but earing leads to healing, we can achieve the process of healing ourselves with the introduction of LISTENING. So I look forward to listening to you at each and every one.

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Slavery for the African never ended. Its sad that descendants of the African slave trades don't know this. Recent videos of Libyan slave auctions shows that Arabs are keeping enslavement of Africans alive and well. If black folks would... more

Brother Kala Genesis thoughts and views about the New Government is Zimbabwe. Libya and Slavery And a special Tribute to Brother Dev

Farewell to Robert Mugabe Your President is an idiot The Deportation of Thousands of Haitians: In the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, the U.S. decision was viewed less as an unfortunate end, but instead, as an... more

Some black folks are buying Bitcoins at todays closing cost of over $2,800.00. Seriously?!! Is it a good investment? The answer is yes but with reservations. Today its only a good investment if you are mining for it and not making a... more

African Identity under attack from self hating race traitors Kala Genisis will give a long history of these fake ass indians. How these fake Black Indians undermined Marcus Garvey. And Pan Africanism with false history. " These fake Indians are... more

Too many people ask "What am I gon do in Africa?" Then Say ridiculous S**t like "This is my home right here!" You f*****g Dumb A$$! You feel at home in with all this Crap going on in America? Come listen to what brothers are doing on the... more

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Rev Sankofa gives advice to how you can beat your court cases.

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