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The only cooking show hosted by a Lively, energetic, enthusiastic, Youthful and exuberant host who loves cooking and is only 20 years old!

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Come join Chef Alex Cardinale LIVE from his kitchen as he teaches you how you can cook and bake with lemons in your kitchen! Alex loves the citrus fruits and loves utilizing them in the kitchen. On the show tonight, Alex will... more
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We will get you ready for the new 2 week cycle with an awesome News Tuesday show!!! This is going to be the last News Tuesdfay show of February! Alex will share the 2 week schedule for this 2 week cycle, Alex will then share the total... more

We kick start a new 2 week cycle with this show!!!!! It's Monday and that means I get to do my Alex speaks show!!!!! For the first time in Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show history, I will be doing an Alex speaks show on President's day! We are... more

It's Saturday Night and that means we need to have some fun! We will be doing our 3rd Saturday night live here on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show. This is going to be a very fun show!!! I am going to have a fun conversation on... more

We will be getting you ready for Valentine's day on this show!!!!! Chef Alex Cardinale will be here to help answer any of your last Minute Valentines questions, and get you any last minute help you might need for Valentine's Day.... more

Welcome to a whole new week here on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show!!!! We kick start the last week of the 2 week cycle here on the CCCS. Chef Alex will be doing his favorite show of them all, the Alex speaks show! Alex will start... more

On this show, Chef Alex Cardinale and Christine Kish bring to you a very special recipe showdown! It's almost Valentine's day and we will be doing a Valentine's Themed Recipe Showdown! Christine Kish and Chef Alex will be sharing their... more

On this show, Chef Alex will be doing his Question and Answer show. This is going to be our first Question and Answer of February so let's make it a good one! Chef Alex will be LIVE on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show for 2 hours... more

On this show, let's learn about one of the most famous chefs in the whole entire world! On this show, Chef Alex will be talking about one of his many Culinary mentors, Chef Gordon Ramsey! Come learn all about Gordon's past as to how... more

On this show, Chef Alex will get us ready for the week ahead with some wonderful show news and more!!!! It's been a while since Chef Alex has done a show due to illness, but Chef Alex is back with some wonderful shows! Alex will... more

It's Super SUNDAY! Today is Super, why you might ask? It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! The one day where football fans and NON football fans gather around with family and friends and watch the Superbowl. The Chef Cardinale's... more
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