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The only cooking show hosted by a Lively, energetic, enthusiastic, Youthful and exuberant host who loves cooking and is only 20 years old!

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On this show, Chef Alex will be celebrating Easter 2014 on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show. Join Chef Alex as he discusses cooking and baking on Easter, and he talks about Celebrating Easter! Alex will replay his interview on the... more
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On this show, Chef Alex Cardinale will be doing his FINAL Alex Speaks show on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show. Alex Speaks will be moving to it's new home, the network station of the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show, the Alex... more

Do you have a cooking or baking questions you want to ask Alex? Want a Saint Patrick's day themed recipe? Want to share a good or bad restaurant or cooking experience? Want to share a family recipe? Want to ask for a recipe? Want to... more

On this show, Chef Alex will be doing his 4rth Saturday Night LIVE on the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show. This is definietly going to be a fun one. It's the start of a new Month and it starts with a Saturday NIGHT LIVE!!!!! At 9:00 PM EST,... more

Chef Alex Cardinale will be doing his 2nd Culinary school chronicles episode here on the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show. Chef Alex will be recapping his 2nd mod at Branford Hall Career Insittute in Springfield MA. Learn how Alex's Knife Skills... more

Can you believe it? We have reached 275 episodes!!!!! We will be doing a wonderful celebration party on the show tonight!!!!! I have many great fun things planned for our 275th episode!!!! This is going to be 3 hours of fun and non stop... more

On the CCCS today, we will be getting you ready for our 275th episode tomorrow night by replaying a previous celebration episode!!! I am going to be playing my 200th episode here on the CCCS which was our LAST show that was under the... more

Musician, and Marine Biologist Jac Dalton stops by the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show to talk about seafood. Jac Loves to eat seafood I am sure, and we will have a fun conversation on seafood. Learn what a Marine Biologist has to say on... more

On this show, Chef Alex will be talking about one of his favorite beverages Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is Alex's 2nd beverage behind MTN DEW. Alex will be teaching you how to cook and bake with Coca-Cola. I will also be talking about... more

Chef Alex will be doing his Caller Interactive Question and Answer show! This will be his 26th Q and A!!! This show was made for YOU the listeners and fans!!! This is the show where you can call in and ask Chef Alex questions or answer... more
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