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We launch into another exciting look at false teachings exposed to people with a little bit of common sense on how to research and return question when confronted at the door By Jehovahs Witnesses. Questions to Ask Your Bible... more

We will follow the cult known as jehovahs witnesses and discuss their latest acts of trickery that their followers need to know.They have manipulated the justice system into creating a facade or better yet a stealth image of their hatred... more

Bulgaria, the Watchtower and Blood Transfusions, also we have the Watchtower Political & Commercial Involvement. Is Political Involvement Acceptable? This question surfaces so often when people request to be close to baptism in the... more

The never ending changes of a religion that nobody ever wants to challenge. We owe it to ourselves to keep the constant vigil on groups that decieve others through lack of information about their own faith. This little show will do... more

Here, we will be rolling along to discuss the word of the day...Apostate, why this word is so misused and abused by religion? Another look at the evergrowing fear of leaving ones faith. The study of Who God is and not the continued... more

The battle continues over who is the correct ones to worship God. We will discuss Matthew Chapter 6 in detail today Awareness topic. Why Jehovahs Witnesses never answer a fact finding question. The real meaning of testing your... more

Close Up Look... A. close up look at the congress we elect which is commonly known as Congress critters of America. Awareness topic. The Watchtower and the United nations contract they signed and honored. Millenial Party news and... more

Watchtower Awareness.... The never ending saga of trying to Get a jehovahs witness to look up their past. I feel its a total miscalculated way of promoting what they claim to be the truth. In 1928 Judge Rutherford, who really wasnt a Judge... more

Watchtower Awareness...The Governing Body and its claim to fame. Millennial Party and its new movement to take back America. Both subjects need addressing as we see the cruelty of the two party system at work in Politics and... more

I think we will just play music and have fun. Its all good.