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Cheap Pop Radio is a wrestling theme related radio show featured every Wednesday on Blogtalkradio at 8:30PM We are still in the early stages, but in the future we will have some big guest on the show, featuring Legends, Current WWE & TNA Superstars!

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Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes FORMER WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPION & FORMER NWA WORLD CHAMPION, "IRONMAN" ROB CONWAY!!! We will be talking withRob Conway regarding his career, along with what it meant to... more
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Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes Maryland Championship Wrestling Superstars, Jessie Kaye & Nui Tofiga! We will be speaking with both superstars regarding this Friday Nights, Bodyslam Autism 4! Live From The New Green Room in... more

Tuesday night, April 15th, Cheap Pop Radio PresentsFORMER WWE SUPERSTAR, COLIN DELANEY!! Tonight we chat with Colin about his time spent in WWE, along with his career on the indies! Make sure you join us as we... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes MTV The Challenge Star, Cara Maria!! We will be talking with Cara about the upcoming season of The Challenge Free Agents! Join us LIVE April 8th when we get all the dirt, and do our best to get the secrets... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes WWE SUPERSTAR, SANTINO MARELLA!! We will talk with Santino about his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where the idea of the cobra came from, along with his new company he just opened, BattleArts... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes International Superstar, PAUL TYRRELL!! We will talk with Paul regarding a few new projects he is involved with, including him starting in a play that involves wrestling! Join us Live, March 25th at 8:30PM... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes Maryland Championship Wrestling Superstars, Adam Flash, Ronnie Zukko, & Lance Anoai!! We will speaking with all 3 superstars as they will be in action, Saturday Match 22nd at MCW Tag Wars... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes International Wrestling Superstar, TYSON DUX! We will be speaking with Tyson regarding his time as a member of TNA's Team Canada. Plus we will get his thoughts on the current state of wrestling! Join us... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes Chikara Official, BRYCE REMSBURG!! Bryce will be coming on the show to chat with us about the return of CHIKARA!! Plus we will get to talk to the 3 man in the ring, and ask him why he believes referee's... more

Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes A Special Guest From TNA IMPACT WRESTLING!! We are going to have a TNA Impact Superstar on the show, talking about the current product, plus we will talk with them regarding 2 TNA Live Events the... more

Join Cheap Pop Radio as they discuss 2014 WWE Elimination Chamber! We will run down the card, along with giving our thoughts, and predictions, leading up to the biggest PPV of the year, WRESTLEMANIA 30!!
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