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Warren Buffett is know as the most intresting and smart man when it comes to finances. He was interviewd about money and stocks and this is what he said in regards to money, investing and education. If you have to learn about investing then learn from the best and he is the best. So today on the money show we are talking about What would Warren Say??
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Today is fun day. We can't always talk about money- right. We are talking about 1932 and I will tell you why when I talk to you. 1932 was a very interesting year you will enjoy it I promise. If you have any comments or suggestion about what... more

Good Morning Cheap Cheetah Family today we are talking about Investing. In what you might ask mutual funds, bons, individual stocks all that fun stuff. investing is not as hard as you might think it is and I will tell you why it's not so... more

Happy Sunday all and Welcome to the Cheap Cheetah Money Show Family! Today we are talking about Money In the News. With everything going on in the world it's time to talk about your money, my money and the worlds money. If yo... more

Good Morning Cheap Cheetah Family. Today it's about the Pros and Cons of paying off your home. Is it a good thing? Or is it a bad things? We will talk about the benefits of each. If you have payed off your home then by all means share... more

Good morning family. Today we are talking about getting a cheap house. Is it really cheap? And what if..... The what if! is what we are concerned about. How cheap is cheap when it comes to purchasing a home. Let's talk about it right... more

Today we are talking getting out of the house on the cheap. It's summer summer time and the living should be fun, easy and cheap. Today we will talk about the cheap part. How you can find great thing to do that will not cost you your first... more

Today it's money in the News Day for July. There is so much going on with our money and other people's money let's talk about it here on The Cheap Cheetah's Money Show. If you have Saving, Making and Having Fun with money stories... more

Summer is here and it's vacation time. You want to enjoy yourself and take the family somwhere nice but where can you go that's nice and cheap?? Let's talk about it today on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show. Vacations on the Cheap!... more

Today is Real Estate Day. We are talking with Simone Hardy from Keller, Williams Realty, She will talk to us about real estate why it's a good investment, How to get our down payment for a home, what are the things that we need when... more
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