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A Place to talk about Saving, Making & Having Fun with Money. Let's become family by sharing our money saving ideas, suggestions and concerns with each other. So that we can all help each other in living a better financial life.

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Happy April Family. Hope that you make this month a good saving one. Today to get you started saving right we are talking money in the news. What's going on for the spring when it comes to Saving, Making and Having Fun with our money let's find out today on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show™. Join us and share your money stories with us today or you can share them at TheCheapCheetahMoneyShow.blogspot
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Good morning Family today we are talking with Chris Kennedy who is the author of Self-Publishing Profits. He will tell us what's it's like to become a self publisher the do's and don't's and he will also share with us how to be good at it... more

Good Morning Family. Today is a fantazy day and we are talking about Money Fantazy. You know you have one. I have plenty of them which I will be sharing with you my Cheap Cheetah Family plus plenty of other money fantazy's... more

Good morning Family. Hope you had a great money saving week. Today we are talking about Making Money and the things that people do to make it. I will share some money making stories with you today and you will let me know if it's... more

Good Morning Family!! Can you become on millionaire on minmum wage? Some people have done it. How you ask? we will talk about it today onThe Cheap Cheetah Money Show. If you know a minmum wage millionire then share your... more

Happy March Family. How are you today? Today we are talking Money In The News!! you know with the stock market going up and down, people winning the powerball, people not paying attnetion to their money and all the rest. Well... more

Good Morning Family today we are talking about business. Is it good to buy an exisiting business or is it better to just start one on your own. We will be talking about good idea or bad idea when it come to buying a exisiting business. If you... more

Has your money saving ways stopped you from living your life? Are you fearful of spending money because you think you might need that money later on? Today we are talking about not enjoying your life because you have the fear... more

Good Morning Family today is sticker shock day. We are talking about things that put you in shock when it comes to their prices. Just thinking about it right now I can think of a few things that put me in shock. So join us this Friday when... more

Happy Feburary family. Today we are talking about a money fast , what is it, why do we do it and what can we benefit from doing it. Let's talk and I will tell you how to cleanse your wallet of all the things that is doing your money harm. Today... more
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