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A Place to talk about Saving, Making & Having Fun with Money. Let's become family by sharing our money saving ideas, suggestions and concerns with each other. So that we can all help each other in living a better financial life. www.facebook.com/TheCheapCheethaMoneyShow www.cheapcheetah.webs.com lovestosavemoney.blogspot.com http://thecheapcheetahmoneyshow.blogspot.com

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Good Morning Family Today we are talking CRAZY. I mean Crazy spending and who better to talk about then the sports superstars. The ones that make buckets of money and still spend crazy. you will laugh when I tell you just how crazy these superstars can get. We are talking Crazy spending today on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show™ Just for fun. So join us and let's talk Crazy togetther. www. TheCheapCheetahMoney show.blogspot.com www,facebook.com/TheCheapCheetahMoneyShow
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Good Morning Family. How are you today? Summertime is not only for great fun in the sun it's also wedding season. We all know how expensive wedding can be if you having one yourself or just attending one. It cost money. Today we are... more

Good Morning Family, How are you today? Today we are talking about Money decisions that you are proud of. I know that we all have made money choices that we are not so proud of. Even I have made some dumb money moves in my... more

Good morning Family, How are you? Today it's Money In The News Day for July. There is so much going on with Greece runnung out of money. The x generations not purchasing homes. Ssocial security payments in questions. There is so... more

Good Morning Family. The summer is here and you want to go places...... But you don't want to spend a lot of money doing it. Today we are talking about ways that we can travel cheap and still have fun. Who says that traveling must be... more

Summer time and the living is cheap. It's summer and it's time to do something fun that will not break the bank. Today we are talking about ways to have fun for cheap. So for my family if you have any summer fun ideas please share them... more

Good Morning Family. Today on The Cheap Cheetah Money show It's Money In The News for June. With so much going on with the economy, taxes, jobs, hosuing. There is so much to talk about I hope that we can cover it all in the... more

Good Morning Family How are you? Today we are talking about starting a flea market business. Where to go, what to sell, what to buy and what to look out for when selling. These questions will all be answered today in our Making Money... more

Good Morning Family. Today we are talking about all star poverty. I am sure that you have read somwhere where famous basketball players, baseball players, boxers makes so much money in their careers and end up brok. Why is that?... more

Good Morning Family. Today we are talking abusive relationships in the money way. When we think of abuse we think physical not financial many times. Where there is a thing called financial abuse and we are talking about it here today on... more
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