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How to start a business, How to write a book, How to stay in a relationship, How to lose weight and networking. Self-help, ideas on starting your business and live interviews from business women!

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One of the hardest working Actors from New York City. Kennedy born and raised in New York with his slick and confident character. Kennedy is so kool and down to out his interview and defintiely acting reel....
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Welcome to the show: Criminal Behavior Expert, Author,Keynote Speaker, Legal Anaylst, Attorney and TV HOST of ID Channel "Deadly Sins" * Happy Holidays* Tis the season of giving~Let's remember what the true meaning of Christmas*... more

Real Talk.......I will be discussing more business opportunites to help you start your ideal dream business.......also from " Thicker Than Water"- Brooklyn Tankard will be discussing her new hair line and other current events. We will also... more

Real Talk! I will be talking with recording artist, and producer----MOE ROCK! I will be giving you some business ideas and tips.

Real Talk!.....I will be talking with VH1 Love and Hip Hop & Chrissy and Mr.Jones reality star "Mama Jones" about her book, and all of her projects that she is doing. I will also give you some basic business ideas.

"Real Talk" with Cindy..... I have an actor, writer, producer and he continues to soar in the entertainment industry....."Let's welcome" Tray Chaney from the HBO series the wire! Ck out his music, follow him on instagram and on Twitter......

Real Talk! " with Tami Roman about her Wig Line and Cosmetic Line. I will also give you more business ideas:)

Real Talk with Cindy...... We will be discussing business opportunties and some basic ideas to get you started with your ideal business. Ms. Kelly Jo Minter will be in the studio discussing her past and present projects.....

Real Talk!........Black Ink Crew Dutchess is in the house! Dutchess with the black ink crew will be giving her insightful information and all her current events.

Real Talk with Cindy!

REAL TALK!.... Business ideas......and Business advice:)