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The Chasing Cupid and Poetry Show

The Chasing Cupid and Poetry Show


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Founded by Johnson Jean, Cupid Desamour and Gary Mitchell, the Chasing Cupid and Poetry show is the outlet for listeners to voice questions and comments about love, relationships, sex, social issues and more.

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Soulmates, one true love, everlasting commitment, these are all things that we hear when we think of long lasting relationships but is it true in this day and age? Can two people truly sustain a monogamous love without cheating?... more

Ever wanted to go on a nice date but found yourself without the funds to have a good time? Have a dream vacation that you can't afford without working hours of overtime? How does money truly affect a relationship? Is it possible to have... more

As women get older they become less of a commodity compared to men who ironically become more seasoned. Why does society label women more harshly in the dating world and give me so many passes? Or does it? Find out at 9pm as... more

Time and time again, the police are called to a home to deal with a domestic dispute. Arguing, yelling, fighting. It's a common theme in relationships regardless of race, class and background. Too often women and men find themselves in... more

From being stuffed into lockers to heads being stuffed into toilets. "Kick me" signs to name calling. Bullying has always been prevalent in the school systems, parks and neighborhoods that are populated by children. Now that we're in the digital... more

How often does a woman come home and find her man's computer on some sort of asian fetish page? How often does she go to the living room to watch a movie, only to discover an X rated movie inside of the video player? Should she be... more

A little kiss on the lips here, a tight hug there, what's the harm? Some people feel like that's a bit much in public. So imagine how people feel about sex in the backseat of a car in the parking, yikes! Public Displays of Affection continuously... more

From being the voice of poverty and oppression to now a source of riches and luxury, hip hop has evolved faster than any genre of music ever. It is at times poetic and inspirational, but yet, frowned upon by so many Americans as being... more

Once upon a time, 18 was the magicical age in which a child entered adulthood and ventured out into the world on their own. At that point they'd go to college, get an apartment and eventually build families of their own. That was the... more

Have you ever been in a relationship that was so perfect, you couldn't help but feel as if you were going to be happy forever and ever? What do you do when that relationship suddenly takes a turn for the worse? Most of us have been in... more