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Chas Dawson

Chas Dawson-The New King of All Media!


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Chas Dawson Live is the place for current events, insightful discussions and entertainment. Email the show at ChasDawsonLive@aol.com And one more thing, all of you people who are sending me emails complaining about the opinions of Chas Dawson can F Off....I'm Chas Freakin Dawson and don't forget it! Chas

On-Demand Episodes

Chas will be speaking about a new website for single men who would like to know about a woman's past before dating her. The site will allow users to narrow searches of woman by looks, size and various other physical features that are... more

Chas will discuss how he was able to survive five direct hits to his home by dispersing tornadoes. Chas will also discuss scientific reasons why tornadoes are attracted to certain areas such as trailer parks and how to avoid these areas.

Chas will be discussing his workout. Chas jogs 20 miles a day and bench presses 500 lbs 500 times a day. You will hear about the rest of his workout on the show. Chas will also talk about how his extreme shape has helped him with women,... more

Chas will be discussing the things he and other men expect from their wives around the house and the chore list that he has given his wife along with other things he expects and what she is allowed to do and not allowed to do.

In this episode Chas will be discussing specifics things that the government should employ to begin to repair the damage done by the white man in the past. Topics covered will be automatic drafts from bank accounts, redistribution of... more

In his first show Chas will tell listeners a little about his past and what lead him to unleash his personality to the public....Are you ready?