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Char Hardin is a film enthusiast who specializes in the reviewing of Indie Horror Film, Novels and all forms of Indie works. Ms. Hardin has an undeniable passion for the Horror genre with years of experience within this field. Considered within the industry as a fair and honest reviewer, Char has turned her sights to working with the media that got her started with her love for interviewing musicians…radio. She is a voice from the Deep South bringing her brand of southern style sharing a fun and relaxed interview to her fans. Sit back kick up your heels and get ready for some Southern Fried Good Times with Charred Remains hosted by Char Hardin.

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Spring Break is upon us and the hordes of collegiates will be unleashed upon the sandy beaches with girls gone wild and boys with big boats on crystal lakes soaking up the sun. Cabins in the woods, cruise ships and hostels of the... more
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Welcome to Charred Remains with horror talk show host Char Hardin. Joining Char tonight is her good friend Liane Langford who will be co-hosting tonight's show. The Fiery Divas of Charred Remains welcome director Dean Whitney... more

It's Friday the 13th and what better way to spend this Friday night, than with two of the coolest in Indie Horror writer/director Jimmyo Burril and actress April Burril of the Chainsaw Sally Show. First time I met these two wonderful people, I... more

Change of Plans. Guest had to cancel so you will meet Brandon Nichols, Jamie Page and Tomas Boykin. Special Thank you Shout Out to Matt Chassin! Tomas Boykin -... more

Charred Remains topic tonight is paranormal investigations. Friend and fellow reviewer John Ginder with Deanna Loughman and Tammy Craig and they are part of a team of investigators called PSI, Paranormal Seekers of Indy. Find... more

Charred Remains welcomes back your favorite Sins Girls International Pin-Ups for our 5th episode with the lovely ladies of Pin-Ups. Joining Char is Jerry Hardluck and with some new faces/voices: Mortified Zombabe, Alice The Perfect Sin,... more

Black Friday Shoppers when you tire of standing in line and boxing your way to all the deals, go home and soak your hurts and aches and tune in for Black Friday Movie, Novels, Music Night on Charred Remains. Topic is clear Horror... more

Happy Thanksgiving horror fans. Tonight on Charred Remains with your horror hostess Char Hardin, she is turning the mic over to you. That's right, tonight's topic depends on you the CALLER. Char is open to talk about movies,... more

Nocturnal greetings and salutations HORROR fans. Tonight on Charred Remains, Char is invoking Open Mic Night. Topic MOVIES...Genre Various...Horror preferred but open to all genres. The invitation includes offer to all filmmakers,... more

Welcome back to another episode of Charred Remains with horror talk show host Char Hardin. Tonight's guest is Kelly Michael Stewart the festival director for 2013 The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival that starts November 29th to... more

Charred Remains welcomes the director Marcus Sabom and members of his cast for his film, "Good Friend." Marcus is no stranger to Charred Remains, listeners know him for his deep Texan accent and he was one of the three "Texas Titans"... more