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Char Hardin is a film enthusiast who specializes in the reviewing of Indie Horror Film, Novels and all forms of Indie works. Ms. Hardin has an undeniable passion for the Horror genre with years of experience within this field. Considered within the industry as a fair and honest reviewer, Char has turned her sights to working with the media that got her started with her love for interviewing musicians…radio. She is a voice from the Deep South bringing her brand of southern style sharing a fun and relaxed interview to her fans. Sit back kick up your heels and get ready for some Southern Fried Good Times with Charred Remains hosted by Char Hardin.

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Charred Remains Horror host Char Hardin welcomes back the Indie actress/model Melanie Robel. Melanie is no stranger to the hot seat on Charred Remains and knows what she is getting herself into. Should be a fun chat... more
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Spring Break is upon us and the hordes of collegiates will be unleashed upon the sandy beaches with girls gone wild and boys with big boats on crystal lakes soaking up the sun. Cabins in the woods, cruise ships and hostels of the world... more

Good evening and welcome back to the Charred side of horror or Char's Den of Horrors...someone is working on her brand, can you tell? Tonight's topic is Podcast VIrgins and tips and ideas to get you started, create and maintain your... more

Nocturnal greetings horror fans and welcome to another episode of Charred Remains with horror host Char Hardin. Tonight's topic is Horror Con Virgins. Tips for first time horror con goers. If you have any tips to share, call in and share.... more

Welcome to Charred Remains with horror host Char Hardin. Tonight Char will announce the winning artist of a contest she ran to determine the opening song for her new radio show coming this summer. Entries are in and winner has... more

Good evening Charred Remains fans! Spring is in the air, believe or not, it is. Tonight is a short show on what's going on, coming up and the ponderings of a mad woman living on virtually no sleep. No telling what will come out of Char's... more

It's Saturday night and Charred Remains welcomes Shawn Ewert to the show. Tonight, Shawn will be discussing his new film, The film he directed and co-wrote with Donna White, Amanda Rebholz, Josh Riggs. Cast: Troy Ford,... more

Tonight on Charred Remains author Donna Emerich will be Char's guest. She is a writer, grandmother, Motley Crue fan, and she has written a story called, "The Mountain" and is currently at work on the next installment of the series. She is... more

Welcome back Charred Remains listeners to part two of my talk with the Demented Dollz creator Debi Ann.Also, welcome back Liane Langford who will be co-hosting this episode as we delve more into Debi's creations. Last week we... more

Do you know what the month of February represents? Sure it's the month of love with Valentine's Day on the 14th and oh yes, Black History month. But did you know it's also a special HORROR month? Yes it is. It's Women in Horror Month.... more