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Wicce Women

Wicce Women

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Join Pagan High Priestess Lady Tara Morgan & her guests as they share their experiences as Magickal Women in the 21st century. Guest Speakers include Authors, Artists, and Elders from many Spiritual paths. From Samhain to Sex Magick, these Wicce Women discuss it all !

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The Wicce News Hour, hosted by Lady Tara Morgan, HPS ! Current Events,'Charming News' Magick School classes and workshops, recipes, quotes, quips and Magickal tips. Even an occasional Witchy cohost! NEW: Spell of the... more

Dawn Hunt, owner of Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery in Salem NH, has gained popularity known as ?The Kitchen Witch?. She was selected as one of the top 100 cooks in the country to compete on the nationally known FOX network... more

Wicce Women is BACK with a totally new weekly format! The Wicce Hour will be a weekly afternoon podcast featuring the latest news from Lady Tara Morgan, HPS, Charmed, Magick School and all Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy and Wicce news... more

Tonight Lady T welocmes Joe & Josh from Soundscapers Drumming, to discuss and promote their upcoming workshop Soundbath Healing, 'witch' will be held this Sunday May 26 at Magick School, located inside Charmed in Marlborough, MA... more

Ashley Rae has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and resides with her precious 3 year old in gorgeous Sarasota, FL. She leads weekend retreats for psychics, kids, and writers, and teaches... more

Tampa Bay, Florida resident Kyrja Withers, a Pagan and author of the Pagan-themed children's books reports that her home was shot at on March 28th.On March 29, shots rang out again damaging her truck.Since then... more

After all of us have paid our taxes what better way to help create some financial balance than a Wicce Women Episode dedicated to Money Magick? Lady T welcomes back Judika Illes to conjure up Spells, Spirits and Enchanted Herbs... more

This Broadcast was originally scheduled to air on Thursday April 18, but was interrupted due to a virus attack on Blog TalkRadio. This Ritual will name people,animals or things which may need care and Healing. We will offer... more

This episode was originally to be aired on Thursday, April 18, 2013. There was a virus attack on the blogtalk website so all shows went down. So were are broadcasting this tonight . This Ritual will name people,animals or things which... more