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Every week, Mondays & Fridays at 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM Pacific, Charlotte View is the platform for 5 Monthly Shows: Spirit Connections Tinamarie Heckman / Lauren Logan Tarot Readings Show / Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show / Energetically YOU! Carol Calvert / Sacred Time Medicine Woman with Nicole Myers Henderson / ~ plus 5 other first time shows with guests that distinguish themselves for being Thought Leaders and Innovative Businesses around the Globe

Upcoming Broadcasts

Charlotte View is proud to present Sacred Time Medicine Woman with Nicole Myers Henderson. Nicole developed the therapeutic technique "Cellular Memory Therapy" and authored the book "On Sacred Time ~ Tapping the Power Within?. We are calling all parents of "Star Children" to call the show and share your questions, your amazement, your stories and needs. During this talk show, Nicole will use her empathic, telepathic and intuitive abilities to help the callers understand what their bodies are trying to tell them through their symptoms and illnesses. Nicole and you will start your own healing power by reviewing and unlocking patterns of unhealthy living, concious and unconcious fears, and irrational thinking so that you can be the CEO and CFO of your health and life. Free Therapeutic Telepathy, Medical Remote Diagnostic to help you understand what your symptoms are telling you Help on detecting subtle as well as extreme imbalances, and determine what a particular body needs The practical use of principles found in book "On Sacred Time" Use of principles and techniques included in Cellular Memory Therapy Contact Nicole Henderson:
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On-Demand Episodes

Charlotte View presents the Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show. Along with sharing pieces of the information she has gathered in her many years of spirit communication, Ann is taking live calls to answer one question you mostly need... more

Charlotte View welcomes back Canadian, Quantum Energy Practitioner, Chris Kehler. He uses Energy Medicine, Sacred Geometry, and Radionics Health Techniques for healing all kinds of health challenges. Chris will perform live... more

Welcome to another episode of Spirit Connections With Tina Marie Heckman. Tinamarie will start the show "talking" with Cat "Gachi" and Dog "Brisa". Will they listen? Introducing (please visit TAKEMYCALL for only... more

During this episode of Sacred Time Medicine Woman Show by Charlotte View; Nicole Myers Henderson has invited Bob Nunley, Admissions and Outreach Director at Holos University. If you have been blessed with the so call ?Star... more

Calling from The Light Retreat in Charlotte, Carol L. Calvert presents Energetically YOU! on Charlotte View Internet Radio Carol interviews Dr. Michael Smith, ND and Debby, his wife, a visionary Carolinas couple who are making a difference!... more

Charlotte View presents: "Tap into YOUR Money Success Source, Type and Magic Formula" with EFT practitioner and entrepreneur for over 25 years, Deborah A. Lindholm. Deb has combined her business skills and psychology... more

Charlotte View welcomes Physical Therapist, Wellness Coach, Huna & Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor, Beth Badour. Beth is the owner of Creative Life by Design, a healing center for individuals in a holistic and alternative fashion.... more

Charlotte View interviews Pittsburgh native Kasandra Padilla, age 49, living in Concord NC. Founder and Executive Director of The ExtraMile Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2002 she founded this Nonprofit 501-C3 organization after her... more

Charlotte View welcomes back Lauren Logan Medium : "Tarot Readings Show". Lauren obtains messages from the spirit world in different ways. She receives intuitive information, in which images and words appear as mental impressions... more
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