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Every week, Mondays & Fridays at 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM Pacific, Charlotte View is the platform for 5 Monthly Shows: Spirit Connections Tinamarie Heckman / Lauren Logan Tarot Readings Show / Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show / Energetically YOU! Carol Calvert / Sacred Time Medicine Woman with Nicole Myers Henderson / ~ plus 5 other first time shows with guests that distinguish themselves for being Thought Leaders and Innovative Businesses around the Globe

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Nicole Myers Henderson is the voice behind the Sacred Time Medicine Woman Show. Nicole is a Medical Intuitive & Health and Wellness Consultant. She is known to many as a force of nature, an empath, medical remote viewer, intuitive, telepath and diagnostician Charlotte View is proud to announce our new monthly show that will assist you in healing, creating an easy to use technique for the prevention of disease, and even help you obtain answers to everyday life questions and occurrences (Last Friday of every month). Nicole developed the therapeutic technique "Cellular Memory Therapy" and authored the book "On Sacred Time ~ Tapping the Power Within?. During this talk show, Nicole will use her empathic, telepathic and intuitive abilities to help the callers understand what their bodies are trying to tell them through their symptoms and illnesses. Nicole and you will start your own healing power by reviewing and unlocking patterns of unhealthy living, concious and unconcious fears, and irrational thinking so that you can be the CEO and CFO of your health and life. Recognition and achievements in: Remote Viewing / Specializing in Medical & Remedial Remote Viewing Board Certified Counseling Intuitive & Medical Intuition Advanced Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) Cellular Memory Therapy Personal Growth & Lifestyle Change Empathic & Telepathic Communication Author & Motivational Speaker Nutrition & Disease Prevention Consultant Bachelor of Divinity Contact Nicole:
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Charlotte View Internet Radio is proud to support Clean Drops, with an interview about this organization that provides clean water to countries around the world. Please welcome, Naqash Hasan Choudhery. a UNCC College student with a... more

Charlotte View welcomes back Lauren Logan Medium with the episode: "Tarot Readings Show". Lauren obtains messages from the spirit world in different ways. She receives intuitive information, in which images and words appear as... more

Charlotte View Internet Radio announces a great opportunity to be part of: The 'Higher Wisdom Course' Weekend Instensive! Facilitated by Dr. Jane Smolnik , ND, Intuitive Healer, Director of W.I.S.E. Would YOU like to experience more... more

About July 4th, John Adams wrote "...the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival." On the anniversary of our Nation,... more

Charlotte View welcomes back Carol L. Calvert with another episode of Energetically you. Carol is the owner of the Light Retreat and Spa in Charlotte, NC. Guest of the Day: Dr Patrick Porter of PorterVision talking about his... more

Charlotte View Internet Radio welcomes singer/songwriter Taylor Dean. He is a Soul/Pop Singer born in North Carolina. "Taylor Dean Pennington has quite the story ~ expressed his father Loyd Pennington ~ when you listen to Mama's song... more

Charlotte View is proud to announce the 3rd annual Charlotte New Music Festival (CNMF), an international Composers Workshop and Concert Series, will premiere music by composers from the local area, across the nation, and around... more

Charlotte View presents the Ann Carter Psychic Medium Show. Along with sharing pieces of the information she has gathered in her many years of spirit communication, Ann is taking live calls to answer one question you mostly need... more

Charlotte View and Kimberly Beroset, embodiment coach and somatic educator, invite you to listen to our interview "Suicide, Sensuality and Surrender: a Map to Self Sufficiency in the Midst of Chaos". If you have told yourself: "This is... more
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