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Undefeated P4P Champion Charlie Z

Undefeated P4P Champion Charlie Z


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The Greatest Boxer Of All Time Just Won #52 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Left Hook to a heavyweights jaw

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I beat a marine on video 2 weeks ago. Wilder dejon ? You clowns still want rematches ? I doubt it now you clowns know whats @ stake this Marine I Dropped Bombs on Would Drop Bombs on you 2 clowns oh and mayweather jr this... more

0:17 Spaghetti Legs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im 80-0 !!!!!!!! fuck mayweather fuck wilder fuck pacquio ! Charlie Zelenoff Is The Best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04vUkWl_niE but yeah this is another a... more

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04vUkWl_niE this so called "prime tyson" is not in my league look @ the way I Box The Jab The hooks the Ring Generalship even tho there wasnt a ring meaning the way i move around when I Fight Im... more

0:17 !!!!!!!!!! Spaghetti Legs !!!!!!!! I hit him so hard he had had spaghetti legs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04vUkWl_niE you people look foolish now that doubted me. a Victory vs a marine no head gear 8 oz gloves documented on... more

My 80th Pro Career Win ! I Beat the Shit out of a US Marine ! proved all these sick naysayers wrong once Again but this time ! 0:15 BAM BAMMMMMMMM 2 i hit him twice in the face right there and 0:17 Highlight reel !!!!!!!!!!!!... more

0:05 I hit him with a great jab right in the forehead 0:15 I landed a right left on his face 0:17 and I nearly knocked him the fuck out with that left hook to the head and off video i tkod the marine with a right jab. Incredible Sensational... more

I fucking smashed the living shit out of a US Marine On video today ! Im 80-0 Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie Zelenoff The Greatest Of All Time !!!!!!! you haters are fucking delusional @ 0;17 i nearly dropped him dude ! look !!!!!!!! what song can... more

I tkod deontay wilder on video, I beat Geo Zavala, Derrick the Giant, MMA Jacob, Im Whoopin on super heavyweights on video i saw paul spadafora a skinny weak twig beat up mayweather jr in sparring ok this clown calls himself the Best... more