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Charlie Zelenoff 34X0 The GOAT

Charlie Zelenoff P4P #1 Of All Time


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46 Tried 46 Failed I Am The Best

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42-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a day after my Girlfriend broke up with me I Hit some guy 3 times in the forehead brutal KO !!!!!!!

The G.O.A.T 41-0 26 KO"s Now Charlie Zelenoff #1 P4P Of All Time what now "boxrec" @ "boxrec & "hbo" LMFAO @ all you actors money game ? I Rule The Boxing Game Son 3 Wins in 11 days 3 different opponents July 3d Vicious Left... more

I knocked out 6'1 russian I knocked out mike lyubarsky I knocked out a 230-240lb heavyweight super heavyweight with 1 Punch Cold while holding my P4P World Title In 1 Hand and then a few days ago I scored a TKO with a left... more

3 Knockouts in 11 days Charlie Zelenoff Click Play to listen to full details Have a Girlfriend now She Said Yes To Me On The Phone Yup She Calls Me Such A Sexy Voice Im So Blessed To Have My Baby Its Real Its Legit And Its Exclusive... more

Im the GOAT 2 KOs a week Undeniable Im P4P #1 Charlie Zelenoff 40-0 25 KO"s

I AM #1 P4P Of All Time hey I Proved it 40-0 25 KO's Im #1 I Deserve this Gorgeous Girl From Florida that Works @ LA Fitness Gym On Hollywood Blvd Shes So Sexy She Was Looking @ Me Hope She Watches this video... more

I Knocked out mike lyubarsky in an epic Battle that resulted me Knocking Him Out Cold with 2 Hooks and today I Scored the KO Of a lifetime I had my P4P Belt In 1 hand and I 1 shotted a 230lb Pounder today !!!!!!!!! Im 40-0 !!!!!!! Just like that Im... more

I Knocked Him Out the Fight Will be Ruled a KO instead of a TKO listen to the radio why itll be ruled a KO

The Greatest Of All Time Gets #39 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah Left Right To The Jaw I tkod lyubarsky Now He Felt The Real Power Cyborg Power I beat a 6'4 300lb Giant this guys not in my league took his actor slaps and hit him for Real 2... more
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