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46 Tried 46 Failed I Am The Best

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I was going to my Fiance's House And on the way to Her House a huge heavyweight almost as big as the Giant I Outboxed on video bout 6'5 250-260lbs huge muthaer challenges me out of nowhere to a fight I hit this guy in the jaw 1... more

Look @ My Last Victory Sublime Im the Greatest Of All Time 0:27 and 0:30 I hit the guy in the face with the same punch twice in a row talk about Pin Point Accuracy Next Victory Will Be... more

38 Wins in Boxing From feb 2011 when I put hartley to sleep to october 2013 when I outboxed that "boxrec" clown on video 38 Wins in such short time thats called being consistent Im the Greatest No Fighter In the History Of Boxing... more

G.O.A.T Thats Why My Fiance Is So Hot Sexy And Exotic Looking Im the GOAT

46 Wins In The Game of Boxing I Am A Master Of The Game In Other Words The G.O.A.T Look @ My Sexy Gorgeous Fiance Im Grabbing that Booty In Bed On Video Check It Out Im Engaged With Claudia Exclusive... more

P4P #1 Charlie Z's Current Beautiful Fiance Claudia Click Play 46 Wins In the Game Of Boxing 0 Losses And Now I Live With a Girl I Take Care Of Her Protect Her... more

100% watch the Fight Video Im Beating a guy who outweighs me by 130lbs on Points I Crushed him 1:39 hit him on the head so hard to this day hes avoiding a rematch Derrick The Giant he Lost a Championship Fight Under the UBF To... more

Incredible I Won 13 Fights in 2011 And I Did it again in 2013 One More Victory And this is it Brand New Boxing World Record 14 UBF Wins In 1 year i may do it i also may take the year off now I finished it very strong 4 KO's in august and a... more

Look @ This Firepower "klitschko" knows Ill Knock his head off thats why he doesnt wanna fight he has a glass jaw and a 300lb giant landed a haymaker on me and failed to knock me out and then got demolished the entire fight... more

I ended you clowns in style "" Click Play I beat the shit out of that dude on video you morons cried for footage here you go
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