Charlie Zelenoff is 47-0 Now !!!!!!! I Kod a 6'5 250lb heavyweight On dec 6 2013

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Charlie Zelenoff 34X0 The GOAT

Charlie Zelenoff 34X0 The GOAT


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I was going to my Fiance's House And on the way to Her House a huge heavyweight almost as big as the Giant I Outboxed on video bout 6'5 250-260lbs huge muthaer challenges me out of nowhere to a fight I hit this guy in the jaw 1 time he challenged me he said you want some i said lets do it in the ring he goes we can box right now I hit him in the jaw with a left hook snapped his shit I did it for My Beautiful Wife Claudia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A WAY TO END THE ING YEAR I Scored 14 Wins this year World Record In Boxing thatll never be Surpassed Charlie Zelenoff the G.O.A.T Proven Once Again Merry Christmas you dumb "boxrec" sons of bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I owned you muthaers worse then ever before December 6th 2013 !!!!!!!! 47-0 !!!!!!!!!! just like that