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Civilians News Radio Occupy Portland: Zero Hour www.CiviliansNews.com - Grassroots News for All Views - Is on the ground at the Occupy Portand encampment. Early reports say there is tension in the air. Many of the tents at... more

Tune out the corporate static and tune in to Civilians' News Radio as we join Civilian Hank and Civilian Odi LIVE from OCCUPY LOS ANGELES. Commencing at 10 am left coast time, protestors will march from City Hall to the downtown... more

Civilians' News Radio: 'Liberalism vs. Conservatism' What's the difference between Liberalism and Conservatism and why can't we all just get along? Join us this week as we discuss the base differences between the two... more

Civilians' News Radio: "Global Banking and the Money Elite" Tune Out the Corporate Static and Tune In to Civilians' News Radio! Thursday, September 15, @ 11pm (est) we will be discussing the history of banking in America and... more

Civilians' News Radio: "News for all Views" It's been ten years. For most of us, that day began like any other Tuesday in September. School busses were rumbling, dogs were barking, feet were tapping in coffee house lines. Many... more

Civilians' News Radio - 9/1/11 - Where's the Beef? Tune out the corporate static and tune in to Civilians' News Radio. Grassroots news for all views. For the People. By the People. Join the conversation Thursday, September 1st @ 11pm... more

Tune in to CIVILIANS' NEWS RADIO Thursday, August 25 @ 11 pm (est), 8 pm (pst). Join the conversation as Civilians across the country discuss the employment situation (or the unemployment situation). The American People... more

Tune in to CIVILIANS' NEWS RADIO, Thursday, August 18th at 11pm (est) 8pm (pst). How has the past two years effected your family, your friends and YOU? Join us as we look past the statistics and talking heads, to hear REAL... more

"WET OT LIBYAN SUMMER" (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Kinetic Military Actions) From www.CiviliansNews.com comes Civilians' News Radio! The Media Industrial Complex has declared a War on Truth and Civilians... more

www.CiviliansNews.com brings you Civilians' News Radio! If you view yourself a Free Civilian of these United States and the World, then you are in the midst of an epic battle, whether you know it or not. A war has been declared by corporate... more