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Afflicted Mercury? Be Careful How You Manage The Pain

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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KUNDALINI Energy Intertwining the Spinal Column
Mercury in Spanish is Miercoles, which is from the Latin. The Romans inherited the 7-day week from the Jews. But the Greeks understood that Mercury affects our health more directly than any other planet. Some people are born with only afflictions to Mercury. From the day of their birth, they experience great stress and even pain in their bodies, which drive them to alcohol, drugs or sex to give them the euphoric hormones so they don’t have to feel the pain. But as we all know, the first two are poisons to the body, and the third the BODY interprets as physical assault for which the body provides euphoric hormones to the woman to be able to withstand the assault, and the male to engage in the assault. It is the male body overpowering and invading the female body. Without the pleasure hormones, very few would want to have sex and our race would become extinct. So, it is not the SEX ACT that makes a woman feel good, but actually the hormones her own body produces to withstand the physical assault that is making her feel good. But can we get those hormones to be stimulated in our bodies by more healthy means? Charles suggests that there are many such means. Sports, working out and eating fruits and vegetables are some ways. You can also take ten minutes each day and do something that benefits someone else, and doing it in a way which brings absolutely NO benefit to you, and perhaps even in a way in which the other person does not know it was you who did it. That will build your GOLDEN WEDDING GARMENT, which is your SOUL BODY which grows larger and brighter lifetime to lifetime by the acts of loving, self-forgetting service to others that you do.