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Who's In Charge Of Your Life? You? Or Your Desires?

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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SCORPIO - The Passional Nature Unleashed
Most people reach a point in their lives where they lose the zest for living they once had. Their hopes and dreams of living their purpose in life are lost, and they don’t know how to find them again. Charles argues that it began with your parents who meant well & loved you. They thought that how they raised you was the right way. However, unless parents have the kind of technology being taught in these broadcasts, then in the vast majority of cases, parents will be guiding their children down paths which limit their children’s opportunities, or just downright destroy them. This is due to ignorance mixed with good intentions. Each person has FOUR purposes in life: SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, SOUL and PHYSICAL. Because the physical body changes the most from lifetime to lifetime, the soul body changes not as much, the mind body changes less and the spirit changes least, then it is our SPIRITUAL PURPOSE which must take priority, because all of nature is cosmic sprit manifested through cosmic thoughts and emotions into physical matter. When you align yourself with your spiritual purpose, your mind, soul and body will automatically support that purpose, because that is the reason they were created in the first place. Your NATAL ENERGY MATRIX will show you your four purposes, which will help you align your physical, soul and mental life with your spriitual purpose. Your choice of profession, finances, relationships, health and everything else will be dead-on acurate. However, the problem is that our DESIRE NATURE gets us in trouble. Today is Tuesday, ruled by Mars, and as we prepare for Yom Kippur, we need to evaluate how we have used the fierce desires in our souls coming from MARS, the home of the LUCIFER SPIRITS.