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How CANCER Brings Us Back Into Physical Form

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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CANCER - Gateway for Incoming Egos (by Johfra Bosschart)
Monday is ruled by the MOON. So, Charles explores the areas of our lives influenced by the Moon, as well as the constellation of Cancer, from which the cosmic tidal forces of GENERATION flow through the Moon to life on Earth. The only entertainment ancient humanity had was the night sky outside their caves and homes. Of all the lights in the sky, the Moon was the largest, brightest and easiest to track in its movements and its influence in our lives. They noticed that the menstrual cycle of women is usually in synch with the 28.5 day cycle of the Moon. The human vertebrae are also in synch because there are 28 distinct vertebrae up to the neck. They also noticed that Cancer people were adept at caring for families and nurturing children. It was easy for early humans to understand rebirth, because everything in nature gets reborn in a slightly modified form. So, the Egyptians believed that Incoming Egos are drawn to their future mother through Cancer. Weeks and even months before conception the Ego is hovering near the woman. When she conceives the Ego draws into her Desire Body. At 3 mos., into her Vital Body, and at 6 mos. into the fetus itself. Yom Kippur is in five days, so we ask ourselves if we have done all we could to protect young girls before they are married and have children? Have men provided a secure home for their wives and children physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? If we have a teachable spirit, make right those we have let down, and resolve to do better in the coming year, our fate will be sealed for our good.