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Sep 3, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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VENUS - Love, Beauty, Harmony & Wealth
Imagine yourself as the SUN in your own solar system. People in your life revolve around you. The physical Sun in our solar system sends LIGHT, LIFE and LOVE to every person on earth, whether they deserve it or not. People who are terrible get just as much rain sometimes as people who are good. The assumption of the universe is that all people are basically GOOD. However, some people don’t act from their basic GOODNESS. They act from destructive narcissism. But in the six days of creation, God said that everything IS good. So, that which appears to be EVIL, is only GOOD-in-the-making. Because of the TWIN LAWS OF REBIRTH AND CONSEQUENCE, each person is drawn back into the Physical World to receive the consequences of their actions in this life. We must experience what we have caused others to experience. Eventually we will tire of thinking and feeling evil, and will choose only the GOOD. We ALREADY have tremendous power through our thoughts & feelings. We are learning how to use it wisely and lovingly, just as the Sun uses its power wisely and lovingly for us. Far into the future, humanity will be glorified, lifted up to the LOVE, BEAUTY, HARMONY and WEALTH from Venus. But the majority of people believe they are VICTIMS of the evil in other people. But this is just rationalization for not accepting responsibility for their thoughts and feelings. We are CALLED to be a source of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE to everyone orbiting around us. Begin TODAY to think loving, noble, uplifting thoughts of others. Have feelings of love, mercy and forgiveness to them. The more you do this to a person, the more they WILL become how you think and feel about them. Then what a beautiful Solar System you will have :-)