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Sep 1, 2010

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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MERCURY - Planet of Healing
Charles brings incredible insight into why the ancient Greeks believed that the planet Mercury was the most powerful in healing our bodies. Hippocrates, for example, taught his medical students that unless they mastered the art of medical astrology, they had no right to call themselves a physician. Medical astrology was taught in the universities until just a couple of hundred years ago, when a small group of medical financiers discovered that if THEY controlled the delivery of medical products and services, they would make a lot more money. Medical astrology left healing too much in the hands of the local physician and patient, and so it was banned from the universities. Most medical professionals today are good people & not to be blamed, because they are caught in the system themselves. To put this power back into YOUR hands, and those of your physician, we need to look at Mercury not just as a huge rock floating in space, but as the physical body of a GREAT BEING – an Archangel, who has a Soul, Mind & Spirit, just like you and me. Over billions of years, this Great Being, and those of our Human Life Wave who live on Mercury, helped us develop our spine and nervous system. Doctors tell us that STRESS is the biggest killer, and we know that stress limits the NERVOUS SYSTEM from receiving correct information from every cell in our body, transmitting it to the brain, and having nutrients sent to those cells. Therefore, a well-aspected Mercury almost guarantees good health, whereas a badly-aspected Mercury means poor health. This can be corrected by ruthlessly practicing honesty and truth about oneself, because violation of this natural law is the reason they were attracted to the bad aspects on their day of birth to begin with.